Move the well close to the tavern

see the well is nice and all but the fact that is past town hall on a small hill which takes about 45 seconds -1 min getting to is a little outrageous.Most people grab water from the smith because its way closer which is about a 15-30 seconds trip. ALSO the well has an issue where if you dont grab both handles fast enough(which is a very small window) it will not only make the cauldron or bucket drop it gets rid of the water inside.So reworking the well to make it say near the mines or a new area next to the tavern would be nice but also with an option to have the ability to make a covering above the well hole to make it easier to grab with out it falling would be very nice

Maybe we need a craftable water-pump near the middle of town. Have the well as a backup


Ehh, water pump might be a bit advanced, the use of plumping and pipes and all.

I dunno, we have fully self operating trade stalls. Water pipe might be alright

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Good, point. @Bossun_Alta, can you take a look, when you are back.


Yeah, a hand-operated water pump like the pic I posted isn’t exactly complicated machinery. Literally a deep hole with a straight pipe, and a bit of a one-way valve on the end of the “plunger” up top.
Could end up being a nice little social area as people bring pots and buckets, take turns at the pump, or one kind soul pumps water for the whole group. Might be a nicer “hands-on” way to collect water, instead of just running up to a box of water, quickly dipping your container and running off. :heart:

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The problem is we don’t even really know what level of tech the townies can build, all we know is they can repair a lot of stuff and make bridges, if you gave some underdeveloped tribe blue prints for a lot of things I’m sure they could figure it out, but their not going to suddenly know how to make a pump with a one way valve, that stuff takes a lot of development to get to.

Though I do think it would be quite fun and even more engaging than the well that you just lower really far down and back up.

I think we kind of need some kind of verification from the devs on the tech level of the townies.

I guess that’s true. Can’t just introduce any old thing just because it might be nice. I agree it has to “play nice” with the world and lore the devs want it to be. But … a pump valve would work on an almost identical principle to the bellows at the forge, so it wouldn’t be unthinkable that the humble townsfolk couldn’t figure it out from having a hands-on working example.

“copper wire is” ?

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Yeah I guess it would make sense the townies could repair the pump if there was a broken one.

The copper wire thing was a mess up since I’m tired, thought of bringing how simple copper wire is, but the advancements we needed before even thinking of making wire.


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Yeah, a broken pump that requires a bunch of iron and a bit of wood, for “imagined” pipe repairs and a nicely carved wooden pumping handle. Hell, it could be kinda nice if the wooden handle had durability and needed to be replaced occasionally. People would need to provide the handle themselves -> more realistic repairs and upkeep AND you could use any 2 or 3 unit handle to change the look of it a bit :slight_smile:

The water organ was designed ~190 BCE…

I mean if we can make a teleporter fueled by crystals i dont think a water pump would be hard to make if it needs to be repaired

The thing is we can’t. We can repair one.

I’m fine with the pump if it’s something left over from the old ones, but so far all the townies have been shown to be able to do is repair stuff with blueprints, which doesn’t really tell is what level of tech they can make.

Yes many complex things where made long ago, but the small township focused on surviving and rebuilding the town in the game is a lot different than thousands of city states that are at the point where people can live as great thinkers.

The water pump will most certainly just be another thing that has a little board next to it and we repair it.

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sounds ok. why do we need a billboard though?

He is talking about the board with the blue print on it that shows the needed items, such as the ones for the bridge or the coin presses before they are built.

Ohh yeah, those. Not like a big signpost pointing at it. …Don’t know why I read “Billboard” even, as Zeb didn’t write that ¬_¬ must be tired. x


+1 the pump idea. I don’t mind the well being where it is because it adds a little something to that side of town. However, I really think the water at the smithy also shouldn’t be usable for food. As it stands, there’s very little reason to repair the well (or even if it were a pump) since it’s so easy to grab water right next door from the smithy.

sounds like a cool idea , the water pump one which the townies can fix and use afterwards.