Mythril Turabada not rewarding enough

The Mythril Turabada is a very hard mob to fight especially for newcomers that don’t have Valayn weapons, Heart flowers and combat skills.

Even if they did though. It takes about four charged shots to kill it with good quality hits. Not to mention how much damage it does if it hits you, especially with the strength buff.

It is pretty much ATTs “boss” for now

This being said, even after killing it. It drops 3-7 pieces of mythril and 0-3 Tura Tears. (From what I’ve observed)

I find this isn’t enough considering the Risk VS Reward factor. Especially with Gold Turas dropping almost double the amount of Tears.

From my experience they seem rare so I guess it makes sense but the drop of mythril should definitely be increased


I haven’t fought one, but im gonna take your word for it. 3-7 is not enough.

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I think around 10 would be enough, as you will most likely encounter more of them in the mines

@Sparrow You will not most likely encounter them in the mines, turbadas literally have their own area and to my knowledge special ore turbadas only spawn in one place, above ground.

But we have to measure if it would be good for non miners to easily get a lot of these ores without miners all together. Also I’ve seen pictures of special ones in the mines, though I don’t know if that was changed in any update.

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