Naked / invisible player

Cosmetic exploits allow players to be either shirtless or even invisible. Latter will make many assets invisible like skin, eyes (optional), nose, hair, belt…

If they wear no bag and have nothing in their belt bubbles, they are hard to spot.

Newer players get irritated by their look and it seems to be stressing the server performance.

Reproduction Steps:
One way I know to achieve that:

  • enter the customisation mode
  • pull the shuffle lever
  • be quick and turn the knob to save a prefab
  • if you’re lucky the shuffled set uses a cosmetic you don’t own
  • now you possess a cursed prefab you can use to play around


I think they are already working on changing randomize to pull from owned instead of available items.


I have to keep going into the customization station and changing my outfit so that I will be visible. I have to do this numerous times during gameplay. It’s really a nuisance while in the cave with others. They can’t see you.