I know there is a lot of ideas about magic, but I’d like to suggest a very specific one. Necromancy.

The problem with a lot of magic ideas in a township tale is mana and I think that Necromancy could have a very elegant twist around it. instead of you using mana, you’d use your own health.
I personally have two spells in mind.
summon - you could summon either enemies you just killed (trees, dodos or worms) or you could summon skeletons equiped with a sword or a bow. you could have a max. of about 3 summons that’d last untill killed.
each summon would cost you 2 hp (untill the summon is killed) and another 3 bars of hp that will heal overtime.
and the second spell would be
drain life - you’d be stuck in place and attach a beam or blood red and green light from your hands to your enemy, your health will slowly regenerate while their heal would slowly go down.
(the idea is that you’d have summons to tank the demage while you regenerate health from the enemies becouse you spent some health to summon them)
you could even attach this to your own summons to heal from them (they would not attack you)
there should be also at least one basic demage spell that would drain like 1hp bar from you.

I also think that Necromancy should have it’s own skill tree
there would be skills along the lines of: you now can have 4 summons
summons now cost only 1.5 or 1 hp bar until killed
drain life becomes more efective the longer you channel it
and so on.

yeah, so…
just an afterthought, if you’ll ever add Necromancy into this game and it’d look at least a little bit similar. I’d probably be the happiest person on planet earth.
(sorry for my english not a naitive speaker)

if you have any ideas please respond :smile:

That sound like a really cool way of adding necromancy.

It might be interesting if there was a higher level perk which let you resurrect something for a lot more max health, but you can’t die until it does.

that’s an absolutely briliant idea! :smiley:

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good idea but just saying alot of games do try this and it almost always has an exploit… hard to get it right to be honest


that’s true, maybe make it a bit more balanced-
you would loose about 50% max heath but that resurrected thing would take demage insted?
but tbh it won’t be as cool

This sounds really interesting. However I’m rather interested of what role the necromancer would play in the town. Can they drain life from players? Are the townspeople generally against such magic? Is necromancy a rather despised form of magic? Are wielders of such magic disguised?

Don’t expect answers to those questions. Just shows my overall interest in this mechanic.

gonna be quite honest, I didn’t think about this at all :sweat_smile:
I’d imagine it’d be something mostly unknown and something you’d not be praised for.

I don’t really see a reason for the townsfolk to be apprehensive to necromancy, they are just trying to survive and rebuild. Unless they add something to the lore that would suggest a reason, such as an area destroyed by undead or if there are a common undead enemy.

I think the whole necromacy, and sometimes even just magic, is bad stereotype is more from fantasy games being based of the middle ages where there was a lot of superstition about that stuff.

I rather thought that the townspeople are apprehensive towards Necromancers due to their ability to play with death. Since death is a rather sensitive theme for most and also if their able to absorb health from other players the townspeople would be naturally scared due to their own safety concerns.

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Well I can see the part about being senstive about death, the part about townsfolk being scared since they can drain life doesn’t make much sense because just about any damage dealing profession can do the same thing just without the feel heals.

It’s just that most of that could just as easily be said about any warriors, archers or mages since they could use their strength against the village just as easily as the necromancers, but just like the other damage dealers, necromancers can use their powers to help the town by resurrecting enemies of the town to protect it for instance.

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That’s a rather intriguing take on necromancy, I guess that if there wasn’t really a reason for them to be ‘‘evil’’ then why should the viligers fer them.
I never really took any ‘‘evil’’ trope like that.

gonna be honest you really put a bug in my head :smiley:

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With bosses on the roadmap, this might be a crutch for raids/boss fights.
Maybe some bosses won’t have any enemies around and it will just be the big baddy.
Then the summoning skill will become useless without any “fuel” to summon your monsters.

But if you want to take the route where you permanently have a “queue” of monsters to summon (think of Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead ability from Warframe), it could be sort of balanced as an individual. Being able to “stock up” on powerful enemies and saving them for a great opener or a panic button would be very useful, but then comes the issue of balancing it.

What if a group of necromancers practice this strategy?
They would have an overwhelming amount of power and shields to hide behind.

Would the kills from the summons count as enemies you can summon later?
Almost infinite propagation.

This is a good concept, but needs ideas on balancing.

So the only balance problem is that bosses might be too hard for necros because they would become useless after their summons die.

The queue as you said would fix that, but cause a worse problem of them being able to stock up tons of bodies easily.

Why not just limit the queue to only a few bodies? Maybe tie it to a skill that summons a corpse carrying corpse so that it limits the amount, and size, of bodies that can be carried around?

Also possible summons could be only enemies that necros uses the summoning skill on, either before or after it dies.

I have a feeling the new sword guard could lead to something like this; I’m excited about the possibilities!

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