Nerf Teleportation Movement (PvP)

Having multiple types of movement options are intended to support those who can’t handle one or the other. However, neither should really have an overall advantage of being used. This affects the PvP server greatly.

On the PvP server, those who use teleportation over locomotion have an unfair advantage. With the right amount of timing, you can easily teleport up to 3x faster than those who just use locomotion. Even the average teleportation user can go 2x faster than those who wish to use locomotion. You can tell people to just use teleportation, but again having options is to cater to those who suffer from motion sickness and those who want to be immersed. Neither should have an advantage.

During PvP, someone can grab your stuff and be gone in an instant. This is allowed in PvP, however because they teleport out faster than you can chase with locomotion, you never really have a chance. Even during PvP someone can just hit you and teleport out before you know it.

To sum it up, I am requesting Teleportation movement have either a longer time before each use or a shorter range. I’m not asking to make teleportation useless, but tweaked just enough to be on equal grounds with locomotion. I know this isn’t a top issue of ATT, but it affects those on the PvP server greatly.

Thanks for reading.

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I totally agree with this, teleporting is only meant for ppl with motion sickness and for “jumping,” it does not need to be overpowered. It also renders archery in pvp useless when they teleport everywhere


I don’t care much on making teleporting slower than smooth since it has advantages in combat, but I hate how I have to choose between going fast and using the movemnt I like.

I think one easy way to make both of the locomotions go the same speed is to let teleporting have an option to activate as soon as it’s ready and make the speed the same as smooth.

But the speed advantage teleporting has is so painfully obvious.


Agreed, however this could be still unstable. I suggest adding jumping so you can still make it to places above but you cant teleport anymore.

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@Klives There are people with motion sickness, they are weak, but we should cater to them.

I don’t think longer charging is the best solution, I actually think that orbus style teleportation is the best to make it the same speed as smooth locomotion. When you press the teleport button, instead of directly charge up to max distance in a sec, should go with a teleport range growing with the same speed as smooth locomotion speed, so people who like to do little steps with very short distance but almost no charging time to people who rather take longer to charge and jump farther can all do the work.


Maybe, but I do agree lowering the distance of the teleport would be bad since it would just be more annoying to use then.


Lowering the distance would be bad as there are sections of the caves that you can only get through with the use of teleporting so increasing the timing before someone can teleport to match walking speed would be much better unless they addressed that issue. on which case nurf it outright


+1 for not lowering the distance. There are lots of places I like to go around the map that require max tp distance


there is already a small wait period when teleporting so i say just extend that and bobs ya uncle


Just asking for any form of balance to this issue.

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Press and hold button to initiate teleport. Teleport arc / distance grows the longer you hold it, release to move.
People spamming it to move rapidly will only move short distances at a time. People waiting for it to reach full distance move further. But either method would be equal to locomotion speed. (OrbusVR does this. Seems to work fine and be well-balanced)


Pretty much what I said, but in better English and easier to understand XD

You have my vote as well. Can be frustrating trying to hit someone that keepsTeleporting

I somehow completely missed your post, Amagi! Perfectly good English btw, gets a vote from me and a :yellow_heart:

Thank you, Eturian. Much appreciated.


What about if Teleporting was just disabled during PVP. When you enter combat, it should just be locomotion only.

Because teleportation is for people with motion sickness.

Also having teleportation halted for a minute or so if someone accidently hits you would suck big time.

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@icecreamin similar post at Teleportation Locomotion needs nerfing or removing.

It’s not quite the same but it’s similar so you might want to check it out. :+1: