Net grab embedded items

Just tried out the new grabbing net from, it is so much fun and you can also connect it to a wooden handle for longer reach, to grab something you can’t reach out to.
As my testing goes, so far I found it doesn’t work with embedded items as arrows or kunais.
I personally feel it would be really useful to me if it can grab embedded items as well, sometimes my arrows may just land at some high spots or somewhere I can’t reach and embedded, it would be wonderful if I can just retrieve them with this new grabbing net!

Does it collect fruits from their trees? Like blueberries?

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Wow, I really thought this would affect embedded arrows, that was the whole point in me getting the net- so I could reach ricochet arrows from turbada which are 3-4 feet out or reach. was really hoping thsi would let me not waste expensive arrows.

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@MarvelousGenki I have not yet test it, bit I don’t really think so, because it won’t even collect the default spawned wood sticks from the ground, nor embedded rocks and flints since they spawn that way now (which is very smart for cutting down lag, but sad for the net at current state).
@Misi I know! It is a big point, since arrows started to bounce so far from badas, I can’t count how many arrows I lost.