New backpack dupe glitch

This is a quest 2 glitch (I don’t own a pc so I can’t test it on pc version)

Description: Allows you to dupe anything that can hang on hooks (not sure if it works with stuff like buckets I just know it works with backpacks”

Reproduction: hang a hook on a wall, then let go and grab at the same time, (this should let you to hold the hook while it’s attached to the wall, if not repeat, you can tell it’s still attached if you can see the nails still on the hook) then put anything on the hook you want to dupe; then put the hook with a backpack on it into the backpack on your back. This will allow you to stack more hooks onto the backpack that is now in your backpack, and if you try to pull out a hook from the stack it will also drop a copy of the backpack onto the floor with everything the original one had inside.

Discord name: Skyfan252

This bug has already been addressed in another post by another user. Alta should be looking into it.
[Duplication glitch using wallhooks]