New Biome concepts 2

I have some more biome ideas

Abandoned Jungle
This place has the Rooten Jungle wood and there are vines that once you get the climbing ability you can climb and swing on the vines. This place has high temps so you should probiby climb up to a tree and pull a leaf out and fan your self. If your temp is over 100 then you would start taking damage over time but a little big faster. This has the Wild Panda And Jungle Gortera. The wild panda is friendly untill you touch it.push it,hit it or punch it. He can stomp to make a huge shock wake stuning the player and he will run up to the player and start punching it. The jungle gortera Will take its top and start dashing at you with high speeds and will try to hit you will his top. The new food is Rooten Apple,Rooten dodo meat,rooten dodo meat cooked and bammbo.

Semas View
This place used to belong to Sema, Very lonely and creepy place. You might find some stuff to help you in your journy here. Wind will blow Alot and will blow sand in your face. The new enemy are Mumes. They can pull up sand and throw them at you or other items. They are very smart so watch out! They also can Make other enemys come and fight you and also mumes can make objects come alive and come after you. To get rid of the other enemys you fight them. BUT for the objects you have to defeat the mume that did that ability on them.