New Biome concepts

I have some ideas for some new biomes for new food,wood and even new enemys.

This place is very sticky the father you go the more slower you get. This place has the Mudy Wood type, With the Mudy Gortera and also the Infector. The Gortera Will hit you will his mudy top, and if it has alot on mud on his top, it will do damage overtime. The infector will roll in mud shaking his fur to spread mud all over the grass and stuning the player is steps in. The only way to get rid of the mud is if you burn it. Swamps dont have any new food.

**Mask island **
Mask Island is a Beach, But its not a nice beach. Palm trees will grow into gorteras and can suprise attack you with there sand shards that deals a lot of damage to the eye. The new Wood is Palm wood. The new enemy is the Leaf Chewer. This enemy protects him self by desciding as a leaf in the palm trees. Or on the ground. They shake there thorns of to take damage and will take a little bit of damage over time. The new food is coconuts

Fog Forest
This is a forest just like the forest but alot of things are very fogy. The farther you go the more fogy it gets. If you go to far you will start taking damage over time. There is no tree enemy but there is a new enemy. The fog monster, this monster will hide its self in the fog and he has the ability to push more fog to the player. Also it can push you back and if you hit a tree while the fog monster is pushing back, you would take alot of damage. There is no new food in this biomes