New enemy/Boss

Some kind of new enemy(preferably a flying enemy) to keep the game fresh and to give the archer a unique way to shine in the game. Also an official boss to substantially add some spice to this game.

Core concept
I feel the game is in a good state but could also use something to keep the game fresh like a new enemy and or boss. A boss could especially unite the people of a server if the boss was a substantial challenge and needed the combined effort of all. This could also provide some extra special loot to celebrate the hard earned victory and the reward could be anything. A new enemy could be specially introduced to compliment the new boss.

Personal twist (optional)
I would really like to see a flying enemy. This would make an archer a very special piece to combat given that an archer can shoot at a moving target in the air. Also the new enemy and boss can be based off the wyrms. They can transform into baby wyverns which would be a cool addition and the boss could be a fully grown wyvern.

Already suggested and WIP

I would love to see an enemy that is able to fly so the archers would get an advantage against at least one type of enemy.

Archery in this game is incredibly satisfying but so uneffektive in Komparsen to melee combat. It takes two slots for the weapon (Bow and arrows) instead of one (just the sword). If you have weak arrows, you will need more of them to kill an enemy, and if the enemy is already looking like an hedgehog, all of you arrows will be deflected by your own that you have shot previously.
BTW all the enemy’s are easier to kill with a certain type of weapon (Axes for the Tree things, Hammers for Turbadas and so on).
Tha latency or server lags are also destroying the fun for me (arrows that are stuck in the air).

So to have a flying enemy that can throw or shoot something at the player would finally give players a reason to use bow and arrows!

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Me coming here to see a boss description with it’s area, attacks and mechanics…

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Okay that’s all fine and awesome, you want more monsters, got it. But that’s already PLANNED hence the Trello Roadmap having a “more creatures” section. If you want people to take this idea seriously, you need to add more detail.

Since ya’ll don’t wanna click and read, I’ll just dump the list from Trello HERE:

Dragons, Wyrms, Leviathans, flying fish or airborne-jellyfish… golem constructs, ogres, drakes, serpents, slimes, guardians, ghost guardians…
small mobs: maybe like wraiths and…

Here are some examples of GOOD enemy suggestion topics, where they EXPLAIN their idea:

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Thank you for your work and making the Info easier to access for people that are not following every step the devs are making.

But I’m not sure what I did wrong here. I’ve just pointed out that we need to give players a reason to use the bow and as an example mentioned a flying type of enemy like the author of this post did. And it is not always about the optical design of an enemy. The mechanic that an enemy is using is far more important than the design itself.

Maybe it was a bit off-topic, and I apologize for injuring your sensual nature.

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do you only come in hear to destroy ideas? it was just a loose idea to get peoples ideas flowing including the devs. it wasnt intended to be an essay


Uhhh… :grimacing:

How sweet of you to apologize for hurting my sexual identity, on account of INSULTING my fine tastes in quality feedback content! How dare you, you scoundrel. Alas, I am a forgiving gentleman, and so, I grant you this kindness: you are forgiven :sunglasses:. This time!

What you’ve done wrong (your word choice, not mine), in so many words…

is beat a dead horse

But Meme, HOW did I beat a dead horse??
The entire purpose of the topic is the idea that another enemy is needed, specifically flying. The motivation is PURELY to make archery more meaningful. No other detail is given.

The OP does nothing to explain their flying creature ideas, beyond just saying the wyrms should evolve and the boss would be a wyvern. No mention of size, attack moves, loot, health, special characteristics, etc. Just some good archer targets.

Okay, but what about me?(SirBruter)
Then, and this is where you come in Bruter, with a LOT of paraphrasing to cut down wordiness:

You add… nothing of substance to the conversation. In fact, your post is so similar to the original post itself, you could HONESTLY post it as its OWN topic, and there would be 0 confusion.

It’s not a PROBLEM per-se, I’m not the post police. In fact, I didn’t even expect you to focus on my SenSUal NAtuRE or the fact that you did something wrong, what I expected was for you to respond with an answer for the things I asked about: content, input, IDEAS. Tell us about your flying creature! WHAT should the devs add? I hate to break it to you, but the point of an idea post is to PROVIDE the idea, like the topics I linked. :smiley:

Thanks for reading, you’ve been a great audience, and remember: post good content.
As a demonstration of what good content looks like, here’s a quick example on this very topic:

Let me introduce to you...

Enemy name: The Flutterdie

Enemy Description: venomous hovering butterfly, attack moves may include: dive bomb, sprinkle poison/sleep/paralysis dust, land on & bite/needle stab, grab & lift player to drop

Enemy Traits: To be a fair target, the butterfly should have a large, no-physics set of wings, to avoid wild physics collisions with weapons, while still allowing weapons to ‘hit’ the wing area. The overall size should be to a level that implies the Flutterdie is a danger to players, and preferably 1 or more other creatures(enemy of Goterra for example.)

Loot/Purpose: The Flutterdie could drop some variation of a barb/needle/stinger to enable arrows/pomels to apply the same effect a Flutterdie might with its powder.

Appearance: A butterfly. Super colorful, or dull like a moth, or both. A hairy body would allow for dust to accumulate for the attacks, in a lore sort of sense, and also offer the option of dropping multiple status-tips per kill!

I would, if there were ANY IDEAS TO DESTROY??
You haven’t suggested anything!
But if you must ask if I am here to destroy, then I must say, you are SOOO correct!!

You simple said “add flying boss for archers”, give us more, like how it would look like, how it would fight what would it drop and where can you find it (can be a area that is not on the map yet, like a mountain or desert).

Sry if we may sound rude, but we hear way too often “add this add that”, not “here is how i would add this and how it works”

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I can understand that for sure. I suppose i didnt realize that there are many other suggestions like mine. But i feel like it is a waste of time to go into detail like what kind of loot they drop or exactly what they look like or how the boss fights. I feel like that isnt my place to say it is the devs place. I was simply throwing some ideas out there for people to rally behind like having a flying enemy for archers. And besides why make super intricate suggestions, i feel like the devs would not pay mind to that, i think they would look broadly at what we want and then make up their own minds @Ulyn


But it’s a feedback forum…
They want ideas…
Not just… “do a boat” lol

There were plenty of ideas in my post. Maybe just not to your selfish liking

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What devs like is that we throw ideas at them and they see what stick, like when the devs were making the combat trials, i made a idea of a key with obstacles you need to carry to the exit door while enemies attack you and guess what the 3rd combat trial main feature is, caring a key while defending yourself (atleast 1 side of the 3rd trial) to the loot room door.

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What ideas did you have? Genuinely asking.

My ideas were a flying enemy to add something for archers to do in the game, and a boss to unite all of the people in the game. I know your reading skills arent the best so this is my whole summary in small detail.

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Some insider info, the devs were planning to add a flying enemy to the forest but got scrapped, but they do plan to make a flying enemy in the future, but a enemy wielding a weapon is first on the menu.

Like if you look at the enemies
Wyrm, don’t move, shoots at you and attack you when close
Gotera, moves, but stops and shoots at you
Turabada, moves and attacks when moving


That would actually be cool too

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well, we live in 2021. Time when people are insulted by anything and are proud of doing something dumb.
You can never tell who is on the other side of the screen :slight_smile: .

Fell free to come by and “DESTROY” my topic about “The Cursed Maze”, for as there, I have suggested an idea, and not pointed out an issue of the current state of the game.

We shall meet again. You can have this win, little man :wink: .

Edited: And please, if you will give any feedback, make sure you understood the meaning of the message/topic/post

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