New Ideas for the Crafting House

This is intended to be a dumping ground for new features that can be created for the Crafting House.

Hopefully these will be ideas that don’t require a massive amount of new content to integrate. Of course new content will be unavoidable, but the easier it is to add, the better. Please go nuts spamming replies with your own ideas so they’re easy to find.

Handle wrappings. Designed for the short, medium and long “cool” metal handles.
Involve adding one or two leather rolls for the colour underneath and a lot of leather strips in a zigzag pattern over top.
More strips are required for longer grips.
This is purely cosmetic, but would result in a grip somewhat similar to that of katanas.

Barbed wire. can be nailed to the business end of medium & long wooden handles or to the katar handle.
Could add a very slight damage boost, or be purely cosmetic.

I thought it was ideas for housing from the title at first. “New Ideas for the Crafting House”, might be good, if you want to change it.

Anyway, wizard staff bayonet.

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“workshop” is what I call that place.

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