New Ideas To Improve Archery

I believe archery could be improved drastically, and here are some of my ideas.

People keep suggesting crossbow in the discord, but I feel like that would completely defy the perpose of the archery. Instead, I suggest more arrow and bow customisation.

For example, you could have multiple kinds of bows,used for different things. We already have wood changes, but what about things like longbows? Maybe they can do mare damage the farther away a target is. Or maybe we could have a trick bow, that homes slightly, but does less damage. Or we could focus more of the metal bow. At the moment, let’s be honest it sucks. But, it could be improved in many ways.
1, it could be drawn slightly faster. Not faster than a normal oak bow, but it’s genuinly painful to draw. Or it could do increased damage. Or it could have a slight zoom in, since it already has better distance, that way it could be like a sniper bow.

My personal favourite idea is to take the metal bow, keep it useless. Why? Because its actual use is to be turned into a mold. For 10-12 bars, you can make metal bows. But here’s the thing. The metal you use only effects damage and durability. The thing that’s really important is the metal string. That too, would have a 2 bar mold, and the stats of the metal effect it in different ways. For example, you could make it so the more durable the metal, the harder it is to draw, but that makes it more powerful, making the arrow do more damage and range.
Alternatively, soft metals like gold could be drawn very quickly, but not go as far or do as much damage. This would give gold a use with the quick draw skill. Or maybe base it on weight. Or damage. That’s for you to decide.

My final idea, is more arrow customisation. Some people have suggested this in the form of hollow tips that can be filled with potions, but I had a better idea. This way, you can still choose what metal your arrow tip is made of: magic feathers.

We can already customise the arrow heads metal, the shafts wood, but now we can customise the feather too. Magic feathers are rare items that can spawn in chests around the overworld. Or maybe when bosses are added, a Spriggull boss could drop a random one. Or maybe even they can be found in chests past a certain level in the mines. No matter what
is chosen or figured out later, the actual idea is as follows.
The special feathers can be cut up and put on arrows to give them special abilities. You could get a purple tp feather, that makes your arrow come back into your bow after being shot. Or a fire feather, that makes your arrow burn targets for passive damage. Or an explosive feather, that gives your arrow aoe damage. There would obviously be a lot more. Now, these are pretty op, so I see a few ways to make them fair. They don’t stack. This way, they take up valuable space.
Or they could be heavy, which make your arrows not go as far.
Or they could make your arrowhead lose durability faster.

These are all just ideas, but you see how the future of archery could be improved, in ways that still stick to the idea of an archer in this game.

A little addition to your idea to overhaul archery is to make quivers be able to hold more than one type of arrow, relying on set chance on what type of arrow you pull out depending on how many 1 type of arrow there is vs another type of arrow.

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It is a great idea with lots of things that I would love to se in the game, and I would like to add one thing to it.
For now we can add two blades to the iron bow (makes sense in case of close combat), but what I actually would love to see on my bow, is a quiver. The space in ATT is already very valuable and wasting it for a weapon that need two slots is a big disadvantage. With a Small quiver that can hold max 30 arrows BUT on the bow, archery would be amazing. This way we would be able to carry one more item with us!

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