New Market Stall for Liquid/Stew

A new market stall that would be used to sell liquid/stew to other players.

Core concept
Not sure if this idea has been tossed around yet or not. It is a different type of market stall that just dispenses liquid/stew. The stall could show the liquid color and/or the food bits inside. The stall could be a barrel with a viewport/window in the side to see what the stall contains. You throw your money in like a regular stall, then you turn a spigot which will dispense one flask worth of liquid.

Great idea. Anything to improve the viability of cooks and encourage more use of coins.


I don’t think it needs a whole new market stall though, since you could have the option to sell stew using a barrel backpack, though that might not store enough stew for the purpose of selling, Still it could be added as a feature of all stalls instead of putting in even more stalls.

But I do like the idea of selling stew.

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Issue is that’s it’s not happening now. Anything we can do to try and foster that selling of stew to start happening, it should be tried. Cooks are still undervalued.

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I’m not disputing it, I’m just saying it would most likely be better as a feature integrated into all the stalls instead of adding more stalls that are just specialized.

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I like the idea of integrating the feature into the current stalls. Otherwise if that wasn’t feasible, maybe adding a few stalls to the tavern to make it a more used building.


Yep yep 100% agree. I’d love to see something like this implemented.

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I like the general idea, but one concern is having one person taking up every slot on a server and making everything extremely expensive.

I agree that could be a problem, but I already see that done with the regular stalls. Example would be the bags set to 999 coins to have a saved additional bag. Not sure if there is any real way to prevent it from happening, besides using the stalls before the overchargers/storers get to them.

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Liquid can be a bit funky with porting it from 1 container to another, best is a extra slot in the liquid stall where you can place the flask/gourd/bucket/cauldron/barrelbag and then pay and it will fill up but will not overcharge or spill.

Like if a potion cost 10 coins and you put a gourd into the holder and pay 30 coins only 20 coins will be taken and the gourd is full.

I mean that’s an preexisting issue with stalls, hopefully either we get some kind of limit on how many stalls can be owned or housing might fix it.