New Mob: Bats

The classic cave creature in any RPG would-be bats, bats although being weak are dangerous in numbers, Bats would spawn in caves and appear to be hanging from cave ceilings. Bats usually spawn in groups of 3-5 and when players come in contact with the bats the bats swoop down and swarm the player.

Given the fact that mobs in caves can’t really move it isn’t a challenge to go in caves, simply if you move around. Bats would impose some sort of challenge instead of just walking away. However, because bats fly and can follow players however a bat is rather weak so bats would be a great way to break up the mindset of constantly running.
melee user would have to either wait for the bat to swoop down or use a skill to slash it down.
Archers would be viable against bats since they are flying.

Bats don’t typically attack people, they are also just kind of small and dinky. Maybe the small bats would not attack players but there are big bats that will attack players (they are either just 2-3 times larger than a normal bat or full on mutant status). Maybe small bats could be tameable if you bring fruit along (assuming they are normal fruit bats). It would be awesome to get lots of little creatures that are tameable, it would also just be super cool to have a bat on your shoulder. Maybe at night too, the bats come out and fly through air latching onto fruit trees and hunting insects, so you don’t HAVE to go into a cave to tame a bat (it does not matter that the insects dont exist because insects are so tiny).

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I could see having some crazed bats that attack the player along with some normal ones though they might be a bit too hard to hit.

Large bats might be good, but I think it would be weird to have normal sized bats and large bats, maybe if there was something behind it but it’s generally weird to have to creatures with one of them just a sized version of the other one.

I think going with either jist one or the other would be best and also not limit the taming to just one verson.

What if it was more of a fantasy creature that has a long life span with two maturing stages? Then the smaller ones could be the first half or two thirds of the life span before it matures into the large version in which it gets more agressive as it takes on a more meat based diet.

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I like that, also, I always forget to say to keep this game fantasy with animals similar to real life but different.

Yeah, I think there are three really good ways to do it:

“Add a bit of magic” where it’s mostly a normal animal but it has some fantasy features, spriggulls are a good example of this.

Hybridizations, which takes at least two animals, combines them into something more interesting, basically what @Eturian has been doing.

And then lastly there’s stuff that just doesn’t look much like any real life creatures such everything in game right now besides spriggulls, but you could divide that into the “living inanimate” and fantasy inspired creatures like the wyrm which doesn’t resemble much and seems pretty unique.

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