New Rock Golem (forgets names)

May I suggest a crystal bababoi (rock golem thing), it drops around 2-5 crystals once killed and is around the same size as the mythril golem.

I thought of this idea when I first reached level 15 in the mines (first time lol, have not been back since) I was searching for crystals for my arrows and could not find any. Because people go wipe the 10th-30th levels of crystals right as they respawn. I was bummed that the crystal worms did not drop them and came up with this idea!
They would just be a mythril golem but rarer,

these should spawn from level 10 onwards in the mines, to give the players that dont rush the mines a source of crystals. Sure its not as quick as mining them but its crystals :smiley:

First post on here <3 - Kim_Kim

yeah they spawn before the crystal floors to light up the caves a little

turabada be the name of the rock golem

I would rather see that the Crystal Turabas would be giant and be a true boss battle. It would be a lot bigger and the crystals would make it such a cool looking boss. And I definitely have some ideas about how I would love them to handle boss battles, but I will write that in a separate boss suggestion.