New Server 5x Experience for all skills

Hello everyone! I started a new server, it’s called Etherton. I’m looking for a small group of players to avoid lag and the maximum player limit. Hoping to have a small community of people interested in building a new town.

I’ve built a few bridges so far on my own but there’s still lots to do! The 5x experience helps you level up very very quickly but this is to help anyone joining catch up with any main accounts they may have so they can enjoy the game with out starting from complete scratch.

Just send me a friend request or a message, preferably mature players 18+ as I’m 28 myself. You can search my name on Oculus “Ambuscado”

Either way we’ll figure it out, look forward to meeting anyone interested and any ideas to tweak the server so that we can enjoy it more will be considered.

Hey there, i am not on Oculus (i have Vive) so i can’t search for you. Sounds like a great server though so let me know if i could join!

Hey Paul, I’ll see if I can find your name in game and send you an invite, my name is Ambuscado too in Township

Alright, I was able to send a friend request to “inferno17” in game, I’ll send you a server invite when you accept, look forward to seeing you there.

Perfect, thanks. I accepted the invite so send the server invite whenever! How far along is the server? Are many of the basics built and crafting recipes obtained? Im still learning but am curious.

got the invite but i cant seem to get in. Are you on the QUEST? Vive and Quest cannot play together… i am guessing that is the issue.

Ahh I am thats unfortunate sorry.

Thanks anyways! Appreciate the responses.

Have U got a discord for the server or something I’m not completely familiar with the oculus system yet , I like Ur idea a lot and have been looking for a new and populated server for a while

I wouldn’t mind joining this server if it’s over 18s, if you’re still recruiting? Add me DirtyTechno and I’d be happy to contribute.