New weapon designs

more types of weapons

Core concept
right so I really want a arm blade but I cant make one so I was thinking of new weapon designs

OIP30OVL807 this is what I mean by a arm blade more the one on the left though

What I can find that is close enough in the current game is if you put a blade on a tonfa, but if you are talking about the blade that leaves you two free hands as well, it could be a bit OP.


Maybe this can be rare armour bluprint and what you have in your hands has decreasd damage

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I was thinking that you would just grab it but a rare armor blueprint would be really cool for if they bring armor back

Yeah, before that armor return happens, if you were looking for something just grab in hand, go make a tonfa blade and see how it works for you.
Not exactly the same, but close enough, and it is in game already.

I would but eu ain’t got the crafting recipe for the tonfa yet