No More Blue Crystals

A tip for mining is that you should always know what you’re looking for. For me, it was crystals. So I headed down to the crystal layers for the first time hoping to get that shiny blue stuff. All I found were the green and purple stuff.
No matter how much I look, the blue crystals are just never there. I could’ve gone deeper to look for more but I couldn’t find the stairs to the next layer. I’ve made multiple trips down and each time leaves me with disappointment. So like ores, blue crystals have a really slow respawn time but I’ve never seen blue crystals once. I don’t know if this is a bug or not but if crystal respawn can be increased, that’d be great.
P.S. I think that maybe another reason why I can’t find any crystals is because I’m too late and the crystal has already been mined up by somebody else. :no_mouth: Any thoughts?

Yes. All the crystal has already been mined by others. You’ll need to go on an expedition to the deeper floors. Keep going until you find crystal and get at least 105 to use for the Televator (above the mines). That’ll take you to floor 100, assuming the floor 100 altar is built (each altar requires 15 Crystal and 30 stone to repair. Scan your hand to use a built altar and tp to the surface)

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To my knowledge, ore does not respawn in the mines. That is why people press deeper and deeper into the mines, other than rarer ore/loot. The respawning of ore is dashboard-command based.

But I could be wrong. I mined the ore outside the mine 4 days ago on my solo private server, still just grass today. No more copper in layers 1-5 for me.

The mine ore nodes respawn but you have to clear all of them for a level. That includes useless nodes like coal and sandstone. Once they are all cleared, there is an internal timer that can respawn the floor’s worth.