Not being able to play with people you friend in Tutorial is awful

Hey just leaving a bit of feedback - I would encourage your team to more highly prioritize this issue.

When you first play TT, and do the tutorial, the devs and the game actively encourage you to make friends. The tutorial is an involved process and gates access to servers. I made a few friends in the tutorial area yesterday and was really excited to play with them! We hopped out to Main Menu, and that was the last time I’d see them.

As there is no way to know what server they join (Or indeed realize that’s how this game is designed!), and no messaging feature, they are essentially dead to you unelss you luckily join the same server.

Why would actively encourage a gated tutorial where people interact the MOST and then not provide a method to retain communication and connection afterwards?

Left a really sour taste in my mouth after trying this game out yesterday… So thought I’d mention before your big Quest release.

You can add friends in the circle menu and then find them either in the launcher or the main menu friends machine. I’m a bit confused how you didn’t figure out how to add friends given that there is literally a part in the tutorial about it.

You can find them in the launcher or main menu, but how do you interact with them? If you didn’t realize there were servers, and didn’t pick one before leaving the tutorial, could you explain to me exactly how I would go about interacting with someone on my friends list in order to jump into the same game world?


You could add them on discord or another chatting website, but that doesn’t help your problem. There might be a way to find a server your friend plays on but I’m not familiar with it. If there isn’t, there definitely should be.

Agreed! And is exactly what my feedback is trying to say. Sucks to have a ton of fun with someone who’s also new, you get stoked to play together, then… Out of luck :frowning:

Hope they fix this soon… even just a basic messaging mechanic out of servers would solve this.

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I haven’t tried that yet, but I was assuming that if you add friends ingame, you would be able to see them in the launcher and in addition be able to see their status and also the server they are on, so you could just click “join” and you would be transferred to the same server.
Also a messaging system would be cool later, if there are way more players^^

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It is not well shown but you can invite friends to the server you are playing on through the launcher. You don’t require a personal server to invite friends to open servers your playing on. So just ignore that part.

In the bottom right there is a search bar. Select a server and put your friend’s user name in the search bar. Then hit the invite player button. It has a plus symbol and a person.

When you look at the very bottom of the member list you should see your friend listed in the invited section.

Creating A Server - Official A Township Tale Wiki - Source

This is what the invited section looks like at the very bottom of the members list.

How do you do it in Quest? My grandson is trying to invite me to his server, but when he gets to the part where you need to select a server, his server is not on the list. He definitely created it because he’s been playing in it.

Ask your grandson if he can find the Server Code for the server he’s playing on. You should be able to join his server using that server code. You could also ask what the name of the server is and search for it on the server browser. Sorry I play on PC so I’m not sure how the quest version works.

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Thanks for responding so quickly. It’s very appreciated. We’ll try to find the server code. I’m not sure how or if you can search for a server on Quest. I’ll post that as another question. Thanks again.

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I don’t know if it will help because I play on Quest, but in the launcher there’s a board on the wall where you can create a server or see a list of servers you’ve either played on or been invited to. On the bottom of that wall there’s an “info” button. From there there’s an “invite” button which will give me a list of friends from which to select who to invite to my server.