Notes, Signs, and Books

Add a writing system, and a way to post signs, write and leave/pass notes, and the ability to write books and store them (similar to minecraft). Could be a physical feature involving feathers, wood, paper or just a menu option like the friend card.

Essentially, it would bring up the keyboard and allow you to write whatever. You could use some wood to make a sign, perhaps to help organize storage areas, or remind people to clean up, inform players of rules, etc. Notes could be tacked with a hammer to things or passed to other players, or whatever you want for fun, they could work like the friend card. Books would work like normal, but you can write in them, and store them. Could be useful for spreading tips, making an inventory, or to write stories for everyone and let people read when they take a break from working or adventuring.

I think it would be kinda cool if you got a little nail, that wasnt too hard to hit with your hammer or rock, to post up a sign, or if there could be a way to crumple up the notes and throw them (they’d despawn like other pages). You could also drop a note in someone’s bag for them to find later. Books could give people some fun roleplaying mechanics like having a historian or storyteller or storehouse manager, or it could allow for really good crafts people to write training manuals for new players. The game could even come with premade books that explain things that might be lacking from the proper tutorial.