Nutrition bars visual glitch

It seems after you die and respawn your nutrition bars above the main hunger bar will not go down. I spent 20 mins waiting to drink a stew only to find out that they were gone and it wouldn’t show that. Once you eat something it will fix itself but it only seems to happen after respawning.

Reproduction Steps:
Die and wait for your food to go down.


8:30 AM

Dicord Username:
Light Ain#8999

those are not nutrition bar, the original hunger bar is what they call nutrition bar now, those you were talking about are fullness pipes/ bars, they indicates how full your stomach is.
and yes, those little things have a visual glitch, i noticed as well, some time after i login to a server and they will look like staying full with out drop down over the time, but your actual fullness is in fact lower than what you see. it will be reset to true volume once you consume food item like light said.

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i have the same issue visually but it happens when i load in to my server. stays at 5 bars till i hear my tummy grumbling. if i eat it reverts to displaying the correct value.
i havent played on open worlds enough to know if it is replicated there or not, but i suppose im not doing much else right now so why not give it a try eh!!