Nutrition idea and new storing for foods

Nutrition that makes sense via having multiple diets and a lunch box for carrying more food.

So the Nutrition update gave us the restriction to only eat good qualtiy foods like pumpkins and meat, however a real diet contains more than that. My idea is that we should get another status on our arm and that is a dot that is colored in the color what kind of food you should eat next. It would work like this: If you get a red dot you need to eat apples or tomatos if you getting blue you need to eat blueberries or if you getting orange you need to eat pumpkins, if you don’t follow the color code that is giving to you you still gain nutrition but lower than average. So people are not longer eating only one main food soruce so they have to take multiplie foods. But now the problem is if we need more foods how we are gonna store it? Easy, making a lunchbox! The lunchbox would be a wooden box that you can store in your backpack like a small crate it could hold 9 spaces so you can store your food in there. You can’t put non food in there so it only could used as a food storage. You could build the lunch box at the carpentry for 18 wood logs. A diffrent lunchbox could be found in the chest outside of the town that can hold even more spaces like 12 items.

If players should get nutrition correctly we should eat diffrent foods then and by the idea I gave maybe some of you can understand what my point here is. To make nutrition really interesting and also relatable.

Im open for critics and also for further ideas, thank you for your time reading my article.

Sounds like a pretty solid idea… But what’s stopping people from carrying a bunch of lunchboxes? Maybe a carry limit, or the lunchboxes are pretty heavy?