Nutrition Tweaks

Currently, nutrition is rather challenging for even experienced players and likely an ordeal for newcomers. Iā€™d like to offer balance suggestions.



  • :apple: Allow newer players to get by with a basic understanding of food mechanics.

  • :eggplant: Avoid situations where players starve to death, despite having an abundance of food.

  • :mushroom: Incentivize players to learn about nutrition and make use of the mechanics.



  1. Break nutrition into categories. Perhaps protein (:poultry_leg:, :meat_on_bone:, :fish:), carbs (:bread:, :potato:) and vitamins/minerals (:apple:, :carrot:, :grapes:).

  2. Display the current nutrition values near the hunger bar. Perhaps a simplified form (but not the watch) like this.

  3. When a particular nutrition category gets low, there would be consequences. For example, 80% movement speed for low carbs, extremely slow HP recovery for low vitamins/minerals, and reduced damage output for low protein.

  4. Continue having a limit to how much players can eat, but be much more forgiving.



Hopefully, something like this would allow ATT to keep the learning curve forgiving, but give room for growth for long-term players. It would also encourage social eating, with chefs having value not only as food preparers, but people who understand nutrition and can make sure their team is all at peak performance. There is no negative side for anyone.