Occult Runes + Setups

Being able to use bones & torches for a variety of useful or quirky actions

Core concept
At the moment, bones don’t feel too useful. Maybe laying them out in patterns that can cause different effects such as transmuting ingots of metal (Iron —> Silver, Silver —> Gold, ect), summoning brainwashed mobs that fight for you, magic circles where enemies and projectiles cannot enter, so on and so forth.

Personal twist
Of course, there will be caveats for this. The setup seems will only work if all torches are lit, so keep them lit whilst performing whatever you are doing, be it summoning a minion, protecting yourself or upgrading your metals by use of frowned upon rituals.

Overall, I just think it would be cool to be able to mess with the occult in township just to add a bit more fantasy to it. After all, spells will be coming in the future, I predict, so how about adding some black magic to the mix?

I like the overall idea, but could you provide some more specific examples of what these spells would do and what their cost is? I don’t feel that bones are torches are necessarily expensive enough to transmute metals or summon minions.

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I saw you mentioned using salt as an ingredient to banish phantoms; That sounds like a fair trade-off. Use a rock salt and some magic to kill one instead of using the gotera explosives.

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You’d have to make offerings in the centre of each ritual pattern. The value/scarcity of the offering can alternate the strength or type of effect. For example, if you offer a copper ingot to the summoning circle, you gain a Spriggul minion for around 1 irl hour, whereas if you offered a chunk of crystal, you’d have a crystal wyrm instead of a spriggul.

Another example would be the purge circle. Offering rock salt would purge the world of phantoms, whereas offering stone would purge turabadas.

That’s how it’d balance out. Spend better resources for more powerful effects.

Straight up killing all the turabadas or phantoms in the world seems like overkill. What if these rituals instead weakened them, letting others have an easier time at fighting?

For example, you’re in a party about to go mining. You have the most occult knowledge, so you preform the weakening ritual. The party goes into the mines and the turabadas walk slower. They also do less damage, and they take more damage. However, you’d have to repeat the ritual to make sure the effect lasts; Higher level occultists could choose between ritual duration or strength on a skill tree.

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That sounds a lot fairer. Weakening instead of outright killing them. Maybe there could be one that makes you and other players invisible to them so they lose no threat for a bit?

I feel like, in the occult area of magic, a blindness effect on the enemy would be more appropriate. In occult magic, I see more voodoo and weakening than buffs and illusions.

Just my opinion though ;p

Tbh necromancy like this does not sound like it fits this game. Fullmetal alchemist and WoW are cool, but I dont think it’s necessary for this game. Magic will also be in the game in a different form. Perhaps in a while some basic skeletal summoning necromancy that requires spells and a bone circle would be okay, if you want something like this that doesn’t fit for the game, wait for modding and make it for a private server, i’d play it, but I dont think it fits in the base game.

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I’m getting my thoughts on the occult from Darkest Dungeon’s occultist; Their main gimmick is being able to cast hexes on the enemy to reduce damage or damage resistance.

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That’s where my initial thoughts on a cultist role came from. Having a way to debuff enemies whilst also having other uses outside of combat (material transmutation, ect)

Necromancy wasn’t what I was thinking about. Summoning versions of creatures like Sprigguls or Gotera with a ghostly look similar to that of the phantoms would be my thoughts on summoning creatures with occult magic.

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Sorry, necromancy was the wrong term. Still, that’s exactly what im saying is not a good fit for ATT, make a mod for a private server if you want something of this nature in the game.

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Where would you say the newest guard fits in, then? I would assume it’s necromancy, and it’s the first magical item we have so far.

Perhaps it could be some kind of lifesteal buff for items it gets put on. Taking out an enemy would also take a part of its soul, which is given to you as health. But its definitely unnatural and will have some sort of gimmick to it, that’s for sure.

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Seems like a good idea for some of my favorite classes to be alchemist, and necromancer.