Oculus Quest 2 General Discussion

Hey ATT community and devs,

I wanted to share both my likes and dislikes for the Quest 2 version of the game.

First, I want to say I would rate this game a solid 8.5/10 for what ATT on Quest is right now. But there are some minor issues and serious faults I would like to make a point in addressing from my pov.

Let’s start with the positives:

  1. Spawning into a server with your friends and trying to solve the games initial “tutorial” is an awesome experience. My friends and I quickly learned the controls and basic mechanics with little trouble. I like how there is a bit of steep learning curve, however, once you have “mastered” it then the game becomes even better as you can “show off” your skills.

  2. I like the layout of the town and the placement of the buildings. It is evenly spaced out with signs and things telling you exactly where to go. I’ll be honest it is a little lack luster in building aesthetics. There aren’t really many unique designs or much furniture. And I am a little surprised that we didn’t have to build a lot more. But the graphics and overall designs are good. Especially since it is on the Quest.

  3. I enjoy the crafting of new recipes and figuring out how to chisel wood, smelt ingots, build moulds. Etc. I especially enjoy the “coop” aspect of crafting. Gathering friends to speed through certain tasks is rewarding and can be a funny and rewarding experience.

  4. The few locations we have in the Quest are good places to explore, there is a large vast play area on the server to explore, however, I will get to the other side of things in a minute.

  5. The mines are easily, right now, the most interesting part of the Quest version. Which is a bit of a shame because the devs took the time to make so many different areas. And I find myself almost exclusively in the mines.

Now let’s get into feedback:

  1. Whilst I understand that ATT came out on PC first. And it is much further along in development than the Quest. I am a little disappointed in the lack of things to do in the Quest version.

I find myself wanting to be a warrior/ranger. But I have ended up acting more like an “all trades” player. My friends and I have tried to specialize into the 5 “core jobs” but, seem to have strayed from those pathes. We seem to be more in the mines trying to pass time because there seems like more of everything (Monsters and Minerals) in the mines than around the Mountain Pass or Dusty Dunes. Which again l, is a shame because I can tell that the Devs have put effort into making such large open landscapes with virtually nothing to do in them. Why would I go hunting for Wyrms in the Dusty Dunes (Spawning ~5 at a time) when the mines spawns ~4 per level…

  1. Speaking of Wyrms, I really am tired of hunting them. Right now they are the ONLY source of Giant leather. And the drop rate for 1 giant green leather seems to be 1% - 4%. I know this one is being worked on and ATT devs are putting in an animal type that drops Large Leather rolls at a more consistent rate. But this seems like a huge disappointment to someone who plays on Quest.
    I found that my progression was almost immediately hulted by the simple fact that finding 3 large leather is now game blocked by a very rare and hard to find drop. Making the Hoarders bag nearly impossible to craft.

  2. Every now and again I find myself online with a friend and the 2 of us are exploring the world when all of a sudden an enemy appears. Now the normal reaction is to attack it and have it drop its loot. However, there have been a few occasions where I have had enemies become invincible. And no matter how many arrows or swings of my sword/pickaxe I throw at said enemy, it just “dies” and stays standing… this bug is especially more frustrating when I explore the mines and am trying to look for the next level without dying. Not to mention, if I have 2 invincible enemies on the same level in the mines. It just gets more complicated as some times they will target each other and other times they’ll target me.

  3. Every now and again I notice a backpack glitch where anyone on our server goes to grab our backpack from our back and it immediately gets launched like 200 feet in the air and lands 200 feet in a random area. The same goes for when we dig up crates/geodes. It gets extremely frustrating when you go to grab anything from your backpack and then it just suddenly disappears and you’re left wondering around for 20 minutes looking for a bag.

  4. I love the leveling up system! Very easy to gain exp for 4 out of 5. But our town Smith. Holy cow! He has a tough time leveling up anything. He has to wait until ore comes in. Turns it into ingots and then turn those ingots into a tool head. Then he gains his exp by hammering out the tool head/shape. And it is painstakingly slow. I am a level 6 warrior and he hasn’t even broken level 2 yet… progression for that “trade” needs to be reworked.

  5. The one last little piece of feedback I want to address. Please, please stop rotating out the store every 2 weeks and putting it as an “update” notification for Quest 2 users. I paid $10 for ATT. And I am completely fine with the devs making paid cosmetics. However, maybe start looking into bug testing? I would love to play a more polished version of ATT first and then I might throw the team a few more bucks. But please stop posting new cosmetics as an update. Especially when I am looking for those notifications as an actual bug fix or gameplay addition.

After all this, I really like ATT. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fun VR “MMO”. I have had some great laughs with my friends on our server. Figuring out the builds for connecting us to shortcuts and bridges across to other parts is fun. This game is going to be great! I can feel it. But right now on Oculus, be prepared for some good days and some bad days. Especially when it comes to trying to curve that feeling of being “stuck” and not knowing what to do next.

Devs do loads of bugfixing… It’s just most people don’t report bugs and provide the necessary logs for them to work out the bugs.


Devs are crunching as we speak to improve OQ2 gameplay. they literally update every other week with patches and features, so just give it a while and PC and OQ2 players will be the same.

You realize aTT isn’t even past Pre-Alpha right?

As indicated here:

A Pre-Alpha version of a piece of software is a version which is incomplete and is not usually released to the public. During this stage developers are still deciding what features they want in their program/game. This is the first stage of software development and comes before the Alpha stage.

Those empty parts are so they can be easily fill the world, AND PC players have tools to add their own content, so it technically CAN serve a practical use.

But for 2 versions of a pre alpha to be so drastically different? I mean the least that could’ve been done is have the same in both.

Because right now the PC “pre-alpha” seems to be more like a beta. Meanwhile the OC2 is more in a pre alpha stage.

If they wanted people to give them feedback on features for both systems. It seems they should’ve released both versions with identical features and not leave one severely lacking?

It JUST released on OQ a few months ago. aTT is originally a PC game, primarily because it’s easier to develop PC-VR than OQ. The gap is the tech divide and things they have to figure out.

The fact that we have it on Quest at all is a blessing, cause otherwise they’d be short a couple thousand new players. We could be waiting another year before OQ catches up with the PC version.

Remember: these issues of what-gets-developed-when you’re discussing are MAJOR business decisions, probably discussed heavily + routinely within Alta. The devs have made it clear that, with the catch up being their priority: they want nothing more than to have that equal version across platforms. But business still has to make money, so they probably have to make hard decisions like different versions between consoles.

So what you’re proposing, in context, would mean they either shouldn’t release to Quest until caught up to PC, or they should never have came out at all until the versions were both equal, likely meaning a less fleshed out game under the same workload x time, and 0 income.

Unless there’s some 3rd meaning to “have them both in the same[ version]”?

The fact that PC is more developed doesn’t put it that much further in development when you check the master list of content planned to be added. The devs could be working on aTT for 10+ years EASILY. The game was released Q1 2016, so it’s nearing 6 years of age this January.

What exists for the game now and what the devs want to accomplish isn’t even a drop in a pond. They’re just getting started.

But again. I am not saying that the game is bad by any means. I am just saying the the Quest 2 version is lacking in what the PC version isn’t. And whilst you say that the game is easier to develop on PC VR (which is 100% true) they could have done a launch for this “pre alpha” a bit differently. Especially if it has been 6 years in the making…

It’s a good game. I have mentioned that. I just find it is very lack luster in content and if you decide to play for more than 2 hours ever few days. You’ll end up finding flaws and get bored very quickly, due to the lack of change. There is key a handful amount of things that you can “progress towards” in the Quest version, whereas the PC version seems to be much more polished.

I have read the time-line on Trelli. I am looking forward to house building, new creatires and bosses, new NPC’s, Questing etc. But what I am saying now is why can’t I find the Forest on Quest 2? How come it is in the PC version but, on Quest it isn’t there? Same thing goes for the Combat trials? I have made it to level 40+ and built the televator up. It’s these major play features that are missing in the Quest version thay make the game broken.

And again, I am enjoying the game in a general sense. But the PC version just seems to be way further ahead than the Quest. And that’s somewhat disappointing.

it seems that achschiebe is more focused on the feature count than the specs of the hardware at hand. the OQ2 can only hold so much GPU, CPU, and RAM that the full PC version would smite like a bug.

The devs post cosmetics as a reminder of sorts that they haven’t given up on the players and are still hard at work trying to make performance curves to implement more. They update the game every other week to make it run smoother and less glitchy. Personally, I remember pre-ordering the game and playing it when it came out. It was extremely glitchy, being a new build. but within the next 12 hours, the devs crunched out 10 bug-fixes and saved the game.

These things just come with game developing. One platform is going to be more powerful than another. These things can only be fixed with time and budget cuts.

As stated by bpdmemequeen92, the game is still in pre-alpha and will take some time to be fully finished. The most we can do is alert the devs of bugs and give feedback to shape the game as we know it.

The OQ2 release players alone boosted the bandwidth factor by over 100% and allowed the devs to make server improvements. We still help them with feedback and funds from cosmetics.

So if you wait and take some time to go bug-hunting and report them to the devs, the game will get better over time.