Oculus quest

I really want to play this game but I can’t because my pc isn’t vr capable and I have an oculus quest. I don’t really know how Pavlov made it so that you could put it through sidequest and play the game without a pc but if you could do something like that that would be great.

This game will not be put on Oculus Quest anytime remotely soon. This game is in Pre-Alpha and we are extremely lucky that we are allowed to play at this point. On top of that, the quest simply is not powerful enough. Porting to the quest would require serious downgrades to game in all aspects. This would greatly degrade the experience for the people who do own PCVR. You will have to wait until standalone headsets can get more powerful. In the meantime, there is no way you can play ATT if you don’t have a PC capable of using ALVR or other streaming software to stream to the quest, it’s out of the question.

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Refer to this. https://trello.com/c/VR3eKmWX/47-oculus-quest-support
Alright boys, questions for quest support is no more. (I wish)
Edit: Okay that link didn’t didn’t give a blurb, so I’ll quote it.

There are no plans, we are just focused on making the best experience possible on PCVR and will re-evaluate as soon as we achieve that. If you would like to accelerate the timeline, tweet at @Jason_Rubin or vote on Oculus Forums to bring A Township Tale to Quest.

If you have a Quest, and you’re daring, you might try RiftCat or ALVR to wireless-stream ATT from PC to your Quest.

TL;DR Devs said no.

Longer TL;DR Devs said no because it would heavily impact the game play of other players negatively.

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As a VR game, Dev my self (just ported to PSVR, and we are currently porting to Quest) you might be surprised how powerful the Quest is, Though to your point it is not a PC and graphics would definitely take a bit of a hit. I do feel the style of A Township Tale does lend it’s self a bit more to this though, at least more so than something less stylized. Since a Quest Build would be a separate build of the game and networking as well as game mechanics would stay the same there should be no negative impact for the current PC build of the game. Only Quest users would have lower quality graphics. However, porting to a new platform is no small undertaking and requires a lot of time and effort which in turn translates to a cost to the developers. It would also divert resources from the Main PC build. Which would be premature at this point, as you pointed out the game is still Pre-Alpha. I believe the quest is powerful enough, it’s just not the right time in the development cycle to do it.

I own both the Rift and the Quest and would love to see the game eventually make it’s way to the Quest when the time is right.