Old Mechanical/Industrial Gear

I am not very knowledgeable about the lore of the game but from what I have seen the previous owners must’ve had knowledge of at least some industrial machinery and thus might have some higher tech weapons than just swords and bows. What I am talking about is weapons such as crossbows or broken hand cannons.
Core concept
The idea is that randomly around certain parts of the town (Maybe in a new industrial living area perhaps?) you can find old weapons that maybe could be refurbished or used at a fraction of how powerful they where before. Crossbows would be a interesting step up above bows and something such as more battle focus items (like old grenades) that could add a bit of history to the place and more weapon verity.

Personal twist (optional)
I mean magic weapons could be neat. Old weapons that are magical and are more focused ability wise than just base dps

Both crossbows and primitive pistols have been suggested before.

Also there isn’t really anything in the game to suggest industrial level tech, closest thing is the forge that fills simple moulds. There is also magic “crystal tech” based stuff around, such as the televator, which might mean that after a point the old townies relied on magic more than tech. Magic (in high enough quantities) in settings is generally a cause for a lack of tech advancement as magic can be used as a substitute in it’s place, kind of a “why would they try to make guns when they already can cast fire balls?” kind of situation.

Though that, at least the part about magic halting the advancement of technology, is just a reason for why it might not be added, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be.

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I would not want industrial items in ATT. Perhaps a flintlock or blunderbuss, nothing else. No grenades, guns, or factories.


I agree, I don’t want anything remotely modern in the game. A crossbow is as far as I want to go for modern weapons.


Ah I see, thanks for telling me. I wasn’t completely sure who high tech the previous owners where but at least I though with the furnace they where early industrial period but I guess I just had unga booga brain.