Old Weapon Design (Idea/Feedback)

Re-Addition of old weapon design features (Glitches).

Core concept:
In update a mounting glitch was removed: “- Fixed bug where decrafting then allowed invalid constructions on the straight handle” (A Township Tale Official Patch Notes).
While I understand it was never intended for some of the mounts to be made the way they were (Ex.: A layered trident and quad-mount, which still works on the “bat” handle, BTW), they made designing weapons so much more skillful and unique. A whole world of designs was possible, and I think it should be again, as now all we can make is the dust on the ol’ windowsill tridents (an exaggeration, yes, but it makes the point). Furthermore, the new system has more pressing glitches of it’s own, those glitches being that people doing normal mounts are having trouble as they take things off and think their items phantomed, when it’s a cheat prevention just screwing them over.

Less of a twist and more of a detail:
I’m aware that not everyone would be capable of making these weapons, which does make it unfair. To which there is two solutions: it can be entirely open mounting so that no extra effort is required, or trust us to teach it to those who want to learn.
There is also the PvP aspect, where having more blades is unfair.To which there is another two solutions: making it open mounting like stated above, or just keeping the limitation in PvP while making PvE servers the old system again.

Another note:
No problems should arise in PvE servers. People dueling know they might be at a disadvantage, and using the upgraded weapons for illegal purposes (robbery, murder, etc.) should result in a ban just like every other time.
While I’m uncertain if it would be possible to have the change in individual servers, like stated above, I do truly hope to see Bear’s terrifying “Overkills” and Icecream’s impressive multi-tools again, along with being able to make the beautiful Bat’leth for people.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

I think it might be good to add it back in, but make it so the more ingots used in the weapon (total ingots used in all the pieces) multiplied by a weight modifier (some metal would weigh more) and then have either those weapons swing slower and/or give players a strength stat so that players need to spec in strength if they want to use the weapons with tons of attachments.

I think a strength stat, maybe based on combat level, wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would certainly be a solution.
But making anything have a “slowness” effect to it would likely fail, lag would make it hell, it already does. On top of that, having a sword move slower than you are actually swinging it would feel rather… fucked. It would work fine in a desktop game, but not VR.

As I have heard their are games that have done it, I think it was the end of the weapon got dragged behind if you go too fast, which wouldn’t cause too much problem of the player hands losing sinc.

If they do add stats like strength, agility, constitution and wisdom/intellect (aka the mage/alchemy stat) I hope they have the stats go up based on the use of those stats, such as using heavy weapons would make it go up and using weapons that are hard to use since you are just out of the strength limit would increase it even more, constitution would go up by taking damage, etc. So stats would be gained by putting the body through training (besides maybe wis/int in some way) and skills are gained from the profession specific action (just like it is now)

Stats sound good and workable, and what your saying makes sense, but I feel like that is a conversation for it’s own page.

In Blade and Sorcery, that dragging occurs, which works in a PvE strict game. It’s clientside and what happens is a 1:1 with what is seen. However, going into a PvP environment, that doesn’t work as well, as what is seen is not perfect to what is being processed, an issue we already have in game. It wouldn’t add to the issue as much as it would create it’s own version of it, but it exists nonetheless.
Bottomline is, there would be even less of a chance of things registering as a strike, even if they do strike visually.

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True, I might make a stats post soon.

Yeah, It’s hard to say, it could cause those problems, but we can’t say for sure, maybe put that off until after we have less problems with getting solid hits.