"Open servers" bugged on server board

For some weeks now the server board seems to be bugged. While “my servers” is displaying correctly all servers, I joined, the lever “open servers” brings up a strange list of some smaller or even dead servers but most of the well known ones are missing, even when those servers are online and show a healthy population.

Not showing up in that list, prevents players to join freely and makes the “open” option obsolete.
Please fix!

Reproduction Steps:

  • Enter the game
  • approach the server board
  • select open servers
  • compare list with f.e. TC on online and open servers

Very important that this issue is fixed.

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Please fix this countless number of people have told me they cant find the server in the server board

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stupid bug, fix it

This bug has hurt many servers and prevents players from discovering most populated server like Farlands, EU2, Timeship Tale, An Adventures Tale, etc … please fix this bug soon.

It would be appreciated if this issue was given some priority.

It can take weeks of a massive amount of work to bring back a population. Time only makes it worse.

The damage to eu2 is very severe.
We’re hidden for over two weeks now.