Open World Survival and Sandbox World Type

A new world type to choose from during server creation that would procedurally generate an open-world / sandbox island that would allow a more customizable experience within the game. This idea would require a lot of development, but would ultimately increase the replayability of the game to near infinite amounts. Below will be the potential additions.
Allow multiple world types to choose from during server creation:
This feature would require some refactoring on how a server is created, but would allow for a player to choose between using the premade town world, or using a procedurally generated world that has no premade buildings (aside from maybe pre-existing camp ruins). This new world would have randomly generated height maps to allow for hills, mountains, and valleys to form, allowing for more unique player experiences based on the world that is generated.

Resource Generation:
One issue that came to mind when brainstorming this idea was that resources currently generate in pre-determined locations, namely the forest and mining related areas. For this idea to work, the generation of resources would need to be altered, trees should be able to generate anywhere (within reason), and ores should still generate within mines, however the mines should be generated at a random location on the world. (Based on world size, more mines/caverns could be generated to accommodate for larger player counts)

You cannot have an open-world / sandbox experience without being able to build custom structures. A building system more akin to what you would find in a game like ‘Rust’ might be necessary. Add a system to allow players to place foundations, walls, doorways, and other structures by using a new option that will able to be opened in the menu.

This can instantiate a new prefab that requires a predetermined amount of resources (similar to how building structures currently exists within the game). Once the resources are provided the structure will be built, allowing other structures to be built upon them.

As it currently stands, crafting is able to be handled due to there being premade buildings that have crafting related structures already present within them, however, one change that could make this more customizable would be to allow players to place the crafting structures using the above described building method, this would allow for multiple carpenter buildings, blacksmiths, crafting huts, and everything to be made. Which would also allow for servers to be bigger, more populated, and more enjoyable.
Personal Notes:
The size of the worlds generated could be increased or decreased by the server creator, and based on the size, it could cost the creator extra Talem in order to create. This would help offset the server resources needed to run more procedurally generated worlds, since they will have more events happening upon them.

Any feedback is appreciated, I am aware this is alot of changes, however I feel that this would allow for much more replayability. customization, and enjoyment gained from all current and future players of the game.

So basically Minecraft’s world builder, but using the wonky limitations of Meta Quest that limits us to 8 players max / sometimes lets items fall through the world?

I don’t think the devs have any interest in a procedurally generated world, they’re pretty fond of their little village and surrounding wilds. Cause the technology is clearly there to randomize tree locations, ore, the mines, etc, so the concept was probably covered from an early point.

The devs have already joked about making a sci-fi version, so once they finish the majority of the planned features, who knows how long they’ll continue to make major updates to aTT?

You gotta remember that the main selling point isn’t a unique world that’s always unique, but rather the people you meet and forming a “township” from those friends you make. Speaking from a startup/developer POV. The original tutorial was “ask someone in-game” or Youtube.