Option to disable voice chat

Not everyone is sociable. It’s the internet. And video games are often an escape, especially for those of us who spend all day talking and interacting with people in real life.

Sometimes I just want to live in a fantasy world with minimal interaction.

My favorite experience with this game was the one time I was in the tutorial area, and there was a player who was as new as I was but I figured out how to make torches. (really cool crafting system btw.) and they were struggling. I could hear them, they then came up to me and asked if I could help. I showed them, without voice myself, completely through showing them, and they thanked me. I liked that.

But then, I got to the god forsaken tree cutting area. I could not fell a tree, no matter how much I tried. My arms were getting tired. Then, a high level player showed up and would NOT SHUT UP about their level, their experience, how they got to the tutorial section despite being high level (“don’t ask I have my ways” they’d say.) and generally, they’d be obnoxious. They sounded like a twelve year old that was role playing their character and they were taking it a bit too seriously for my tastes.

It was in this moment, I would have loved the option to mute an individual so that I could continue to enjoy the game in the way I want to.

The frustration of the moment likely wouldn’t have compounded as badly if chopping trees wasn’t so damn difficult. But in the end, I want the option to mute others and perhaps a visual indicator to show others that I cannot hear them so they don’t waste their own breath yelling at me.

I just want to be able to enter an area, get a feel for it and if there are conversations I don’t want to hear, I’ll point and click them to be silent. And if there are more experiences like my first one where someone is asking for help, I can help.

Thank you.

Thanks for the feed back, it’s cool to hear people’s experiences like that. It sounds like something was going wrong with the tree felling as it shouldn’t be too hard to cut them down as long as you’re doing it right, though I can’t say if it’s user error or some kind of bug, make sure you’re getting feedback from your hits to know your doing it right.

As for some kind of mute option, that was discussed in here this post Block Feature if you want to read it, I think it’s best if you can’t fully mute a player just having it so you can choose certain players to be a lot quieter instead since the game doesn’t really work well with fully ignoring other players like other more social focused VR games.

I’ve been wanting this feature so much there are people’s mics that are spazzing out in static that I wanna mute or little kids that got ahold of their parents headset and found a game because the kids would screech so loud maybe when you forget that you muted the maybe after a day the mute is lifted