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so previously i posted a bug where the mines only go so deep then stop spawning floors since then i have waited an hour without the floor spawning. so i decided to travel up and down floors to see how much i get. i went up 7 floors and back down circling the whole floor each time to see what spawned in after what i previously harvested. more iron and coal then i know what to do with but little in the way of silver or mythril. kinda feels like the mines are already dried out after only a few days after reset. i understand that yes valyan is an endgame material and shouldn’t be easy to get but it shouldn’t be impossible after a certain point. lots of people go in groups mining and lets say a group of 5 people went down 100 floors right now from what i have seen if they split that loot they would each only have like 10 pieces of valyan maybe 15 not alot for 100 floors

10 pieces of Valyan each is a decent amount for the most endgame material there is. This definitely seems intentional.


Yeah as Frye said, Valyan really is the end game material right now, it shouldn’t be something a mining group can get enough to get a tool or two for each miner from a big haul.

The problem is there isn’t much between start and endgame so it’s all focused on getting the good stuff, once there is more to do and it gets padded it out then it won’t be as notice able, also once players get use to valyan as more of a luxury instead of an inevitability/symbol of getting to end game.

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ya now that you say it like that i guess im just spoiled by memories of the past

But yeah, void still happens sometimes, and it is annoying for sure.

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