Ores in the Forest

From what I’ve heard on the discord, the only ore nodes that spawn in the Forest are Copper & Coal. I kinda think this isn’t too fair given the power of some enemies in the Forest (Goteras & Babus mainly) and there should be some better metals up for grabs in areas.

As for said metals, Iron could come in nodes deeper into the forest on surface level, displacing copper like it does in the mines. Then in the little holes with handcranked elevators dotted around the forest, there could be Silver and potentially Mythril nodes too. Hell, chest loot could also be effected by forest depth if possible.

tldr, Forest could use better ore veins to account for how dangerous areas of it are

Yeah, the forest seems super light on possible loot rn. I would love to be able to mine in the beautiful forest instead of the mines.

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I’ve been meaning to make this post!

Maybe silver but not mythril, at least the highest tier one should stay exclusively in the mine.

I think the problem is that ore/metal is gold (not literally, most of the time at least) it’s just about the best thing to strive for. I haven’t played the update but what I’m getting from this is that the wood really isn’t working as it’s own ore in terms of reward.

Na, I’m completely against more or better ores inside the forest (besides the elevator pit).
Yes, the forest is beautiful, but as a FOREST it should be more intended for woods, herbs, hunting and stuff than to end up as a nice looking 7-Eleven.

Besides the fact that ores you normally have to dig deep to find them, will never just lay around the overworld, it would ruin the mine’s whole meaning.


agreed. we know that the forest is slated for big things down the line but in the interim it would be nice to have some quality loot to hunt for. Something that might be even easier and potentially more interesting than ore node spawn improvements would be better loot tables for chests and mobs. killing 100 gotera in a row might seem less boring if there was a chance i could find a silver battleaxe head stuck in their… trunks. it could even be pre sharpened and everything. ingots, high grade tool heads, pre cooked stacks of food, maybe even a fully assembled hebios weapon.

we need higher a higher quality and variety of loot in the game in general but for now it would be very cool to find some of these finished goods in the wild once in a while.


Oh yeah herbs! It’s not something that would work yet but once we get alchemy some of the best potion ingredients could come from the forest. It doesn’t even need to conflict with the idea of cultivating herbs in town since there could be both ones that only really grow in a garden, ones that you just need so much of that it’s only realistic to get them from the forest and easily some that just can only grow in the forest for some reason or another.

Oh man it would be so cool to have players sent off to find weird looking plants for use in strange and powerful potions, just for them to come back with something slightly off from what was described and turn out to be useless, “in the alchemical world we call this plant ‘trash’”.


OMG that would be soooooooo cool. Having like 6 different herbs that look slighlty the same. Player will have to be very precise in discribing what they need and will have to look out for those smaller differences.
Something you can’t learn by in game skill but by knowledge.

The forest can be so much more than just a weird looking place but more an area to go for those specific things. Then loot like ores or chests full of stuff ain’t important anymore.


And it could fit in so well with what the devs said about randomizing some thing between servers, you could have the plants composed of some fine details like the shape of the leaf, number of leaves, petals, slight tints in color so that you can’t just look up the best herb on the wiki, sure you might learn the differences from the wiki but there would be no way of knowing which ones are good until an alchemist got their hands on it, and even then a really hard to spot chemical could be hiding in a herb everyone thinks is trash.

“I told you, if it’s got a spiky tip, it’s good sh*t, if it’s got a rounded flower, TRASH.”


“But you said the rounded flowers with the red dots are for strength potion?”

That would be SO awesome!
This has to become a thread of its own!


Make a separate thread for this lol.

The alchemy book for this, especially if the plants are randomized, would look really cool with the artistic depictions of different features.

Genki beat me too it with this post Crypto-Herbs. It’s not exactly how I would have suggested it, but it works.

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