Other village and boats

Basically there would be boats that you build and explore the ocean and travel to different countries as well as fight monsters and other things.

Core concept

What if the other village that’s gonna be added later was across a vast sea or great lake (maybe some islands too!), and you had to build a ship to get to it and trade with it. Ship types would range from rowboat/small sailboat to galleon (with not too much in between, maybe 2-4 mid size types). Also please let me name my ship and put a figurehead on it. I think it’d be cool if the other village had a different style (perhaps oriental or Scandinavian) and players could travel the ocean and rebuild the abandoned village. This different style also means that the other village has different resources from the main town so trading (or pillaging) would be useful. In this case, another one of our “professions” would be sailor and captain. I know this much new stuff could seem overwhelming, but imagine how cool it would be to be able to build up your arsenal in your starting place, and then sail to a new land with new opportunities and experiences to behold.

Personal twist
It’d also be awesome for us to be able to deck our ships out with cannons and weapons. The reason for this is because there are a bunch of creatures and bosses that you have to battle against at sea. Maybe even doing a certain action or doing something with a special item would reveal a hidden water dungeon. Also, having naval combat on the pvp server would be cool.

Do it guys, we already have a ship wheel in the lobby.

Edit: Totally old topic, but after seeing Lake Michigan at cruising altitude and it still being instensely massive,a great lake would totally work, ocean would be cooler though.