Paper to write on

Basiclly its paper that you can write and draw on… so you can start drawing contests, or do hangman, and other stuff… or, you can just write on it instead to talk to people in case your muted, or to talk to someone who cant hear anybody. And other stuff…

I would say in order to craft paper you need 6 logs and head over to the chiseling place. Once your done chiseling out the paper, 3 pieces of paper will come out in which you can draw and write on.

To write, I would say use a piece of flint to draw on the paper, giving flint more of a use.

Paper should evaporate in water and the writing on it should not come off (since its flint and we don’t have erasers)

Though, writing and drawing with paper can lead to some unwanted things, such as inappropriate pictures and such, so I would make it so you can toggle on and off paper drawings/writings in your menu, or the player can just take a screenshot and report the person.

This is just an idea that came up to me since I’ve been seeing so many people who are having issues with their speakers and there isn’t really a way people can communicate with them without sign language.

I just heard that drawing on paper would be a no no, so maybe consider writing on it instead?

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There are more out there but this is just 4 of the prominent ones, clearly the community wants writing.

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good idea :))))))))))))