Partner climbing

So this maybe was discussed often after the climbing update got realeased, so here is the idea.

Climbing itself is cool and with the tower it shows how it works. Then future updates comes and maybe new locations come, how about having climbing points that only work if you have a partner to climb. So how would it work, it is like the friend request mechanic. Both people would need to hold thier hands to climb together. You coud throw a person up or pull someone up. Wich would make teamwork in climbing.
The problem that can occur is that the stamina drains faster wich means that this kind of climbing is optinonal. Like if we get new tower treasures and there are two ways, a longer taking solo climbing or a duo shorter climbing.

For my own thoughts it would make climbing more used because we only have people doing the tower challenge and after that they only climb some buildings which for some people dosen’t make any fun.

Would be something hard to add, you can’t have people just being able to lift each other with one hand, but also you can’t have it too ineffective because it could cause problems with players swinging around with weight while also being held by a player, sounds like client interaction hell.

What could be cool is letting players connect to each other with rope, one falling and tugging on the other might make both fall, but if you can get a good grip on a spot (maybe like a spike coming out of the wall to hold on to (really just grab points that give enough of a grip)) maybe you could even have a spot where you need two players connected together to get down, like a really long drop that has grab points, but too far apart to move to and you can’t grab them if you’re falling to fast so you have to keep switching between who is dropping down and grabbing on.