Patch note option question

If theres an option to change patch notes but only to the recent and supporter server, why can’t we change the update to the older ones?

This game is still in pre-alpha, maybe when it gets to 1.0 and further (we are now at, like with minecraft, you can only go as far back as 1.0, bet you want to go back to the old days of armor, but keep in mind, in those days you did not have cosmetics, the tower, the combat trails and the forest.

I mean I didn’t want to back to armor just when the first time I played it I got killed by a spriggull then never played the game for some reason. I probably never found the Alta Launcher.

Because this would require the servers also changing version? It’s an online only game.

True. I understand.

I also wanted to change versions because of yes, armor. Cosmetics were used alot. The tower made me very exhausted. The combat trials were meh. The forest wasted 22 arrows from me from trying to get a hoarder backpack. I am just telling what I didn’t like. Not trying to say you should agree.