Patches/Badges: An achievement system for ATT

A bunch of earnable badges to put on your backpack, alongside a nameplate to display 3 of them and the bag owner’s name.

Core concept
It starts with a new craftable item (for conversation’s sake, I’ll just call it the nameplate) that sockets onto your bag. This nameplate will not only show your name when placed onto a bag by you, but will allow you to throw on 3 badges (with looks like that of boy/girl scout merit badges) as a way to show your accolades within ATT. Some may be permanent and used on any server, such as:

-Don’t Look Down!: obtained by completing the tower. It’ll take the form of either the tower’s top or the hand on top of it.
-Wyrmsbane, obtained from killing 100 wyrms on any server, badge is a wyrm head with a sword stuck in the top.
These sorts will be permanently unlocked and used on any server once collected. Others could be restricted to servers unlocked on, such as:

-Firestarter, unlock Ember Composer in the Blacksmith skill tree, badge has an unforged blade surrounded by flames.

A shrine within the small pond area on the way to the tower (you’ll know this area when you see it) will allow a player to access and place these onto their bag. A house (when housing comes out) may also be a place to access and display badges.

Personal twist (optional)
Where this could get interesting, in my opinion, is if badges could provide a slight buff each to players, almost like perks in an FPS or othersuch game. If I were to take the tower badge above as an example, fall damage could be reduced when this is on a player’s bag and the bag is on their back. Of course, this could lead to some issues within players having badges when they shouldn’t for certain buffs, but this can be tackled with the nameplate itself, with only the player on the nameplate being able to access the badge buffs. I feel the buffs would be nice as they’d allow a touch more diversity and power to someone’s playing style.

All in all, I feel this would be a pretty nice thing for ATT to get. It’d add a little more depth to backpacks (if the small buffs are considered) whilst allowing more personalisation and flexing to boot. Not to mention the potential for rl merch with said badges should this come to life.

I primarily have Psychonauts to thank for this idea (as the abilities you earn are shown on the protagonist’s bag as merit badges) alongside a conversation in supporter chat where backpack customizing was talked about.