PC Compatibility

Compatibility with computers.

You are able to play A Township Tale on your computer without a headset.

Not possible, this is a VR game, it needs to stay that way.


Township without a headset would be a really bad game, it’s only good because it’s VR, go play Minecraft/Ark/Rust…


No way. It’s a vr game. There would be no way to make this game for flatscreen without stripping it of everything that makes it special (minus the art style).


Do I need to get the list for all the reasons we shouldn’t make a headset less version?

  • Makes botting a possibility.
  • Removes the special interaction between players that you get from VR and body language.
  • Balancing nightmare since non-VR players push buttions instead of doing actions with their bodies which had to be at some limited speed, not to mention needing to set up a whole fatigue system to emulate real human stamina that VR players deal with.
  • Takes away from the experience of the game (immersion and such)
  • Forces the devs to develop basically two clients and doubles the development time for most mechanics because they would have to make it work for non VR players.
  • Completely eliminates the effort to do physical actions for some players (different from balancing since this is about the non-VR players having easier inputs)

Do I need to make it longer? because this was off the top of my head.

This isn’t VRChat, it’s an RPG. Not to dis that VRChat.