Perhaps add a Phantom King and/or Queen

We should add a Phantom King (And/or Queen)

Idea of the Phantom King’s look: It is bigger than the normal Phantom, it has a visible crown on its head with 8 points, each of the top “ball” points representing a heart. (Giving the Phantom King a total of 8 large bars of health) Once a bar has gone past the line, a ball point will shatter, indicating that it only has 7 bars remaining (and so on) Once the Phantom King has spotted someone, it will begin to possess a “ghost sword” out of thin air (A large, transparent sword with a phantom guard on it [Long silver blade, mediumish metal handle with phantom guard])

Idea of what the Phantom King would do if added: The phantom king would have a rare chance of spawning out in the open where the bandit camps lurk around, and once the Phantom King has seen someone, it would let out a screech (Not ear-rape level though) and proceed to possess the “ghost sword” and attack the player(s)

Ideas for attacks of Phantom King:
Phantom Smash: The Phantom King raises its sword for a moment then smashes it onto the ground, dealing a large blow of damage (3 & 1/2 bars perhaps?) and summons 2 phantom heads which are incapable of duplicating (So its not too hard for the player(s)) - But its just an idea for the phantom heads summoned from the Phantom King to not duplicate, its not required, they can still duplicate if you want them too.
(Darkness and Slash combined I guess, making Dark-neh-slash) Darkneslash: The Phantom King spins around rapidly while 3 slashes (somewhat like the warrior slash skill but darker) go for each player dealing a low amount of damage (half a bar I’d say? dealing 1 & 1/2 bars of damage total if all 3 slashes hit the player [Possibly more if the players are huddled up together and the slash hits multiple people at once)
A call from darkness: The Phantom King lets out a screech which attracts all phantoms (Not phantom heads) to him. If there isn’t any phantoms currently in the map when he screeched, he will

summon 3 to 4 phantoms to him instead.
(Main attack) The unholy swing: The Phantom King swings his sword to a player, dealing a bar of damage to the player (Player(s) if others are hit)
Now we are done with the phantom king, sorry if its long, I just got crazy with my imagination and typed stuff down. Also sorry if it seems like its too overpowered, I’d just recommend a group of people doing it together. SIDENOTE: The phantom king spawns at night, and if its day, he will only stay 5 minutes before he disappears
Now its for the Phantom Queen if it possibly gets added…

Idea of what the Phantom Queen looks like: The Phantom Queen is a tad bit smaller than the Phantom King, she has 4 points instead of 8, each hit she takes (no matter the weapon, even flint will work when hitting her) will get rid of one ball point/health. (You will see why in a moment) The Phantom Queen does not possess any weapon, but possesses all the phantoms instead.

Idea of what the Phantom Queen would do if added: The Phantom Queen has a rare chance of spawning out in the open near the bandit camps as well, though, only 1 Phantom King or Queen can be there at a time, meaning if a Phantom Queen has spawned, the Phantom King cannot until it has been 10 minutes past the Phantom Queens death or despawn (So after the Phantom Queen gets killed or despawns, it has to be 10 minutes before either the Phantom King or Queen have a chance to spawn again)
Anyways, the Phantom Queen summons Phantoms to attack for her, the Phantom Queen forms a somewhat visible shield around her that does not fall until all phantoms/phantom heads in that area have been killed, only then you can attack the Phantom Queen and get rid of 1 ball point/health.

Attacks of Phantom Queen:
Absorb: The Phantom Queen charges up her attack while a dynamite-like aura shows how far the absorption will take effect, once the charge is ready, she will absorb 2 bars of health from anyone in the area. Absorbed health bars will increase the damage dealt from phantoms/phantom heads. (What I mean is when dynamite is lit it shows you how far the explosion is gonna be, thats what I mean but a bit larger around her… if you have questions about this part please let me know and I will try to explain it to you.)

The rising: The Phantom Queen summons 4 phantoms that are capable of summoning phantoms heads Of course the Phantom Queen forms a shield around her (Unlike the Phantom King, the Phantom Queen’s summoned Phantom heads can duplicate)

(Phantom Queen must have 1 ball point/health left to use this move) The last attempt: The Phantom Queen releases a screech after being attacked and summons a total of 8 phantoms that the players must kill before finally finishing off the Phantom Queen.

And thats it! Thanks for reading all of this, if you dislike something about it or suggest something different, let me know, or if you liked it, I would like to know as well!
Im not going into the stuff both the Phantom King/Queen spawns, I think that should be up to the moderators and devs, because im not good with making drop rates and stuff. Sorry if this was too much, I just really thought that adding a Phantom King and/or Queen would be cool.

This would be a cool idea for a dungeon, i’m not sure about these crazy bosses spawning in the open though. Maybe some kind of strange warped biome/area (kind of like corruption in terraria?) could be accessible by completing the dungeon and opening the entrance. I like the idea of dungeons being the way of unlocking new areas. Like a wyrm dungeon with the queen wyrm blocking out a wyrm biome.

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Thats a great idea! Perhaps you must do a ritual or something to get to a phantom area… thanks for the feedback!

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I think if there was a spot for a phantom boss it would be a creepy forest with those dead looking trees, though that might be too Cliché, but it more fits in a place you’d find undead.

I’d find some kind of corruption biome to be cool, as long as it isn’t just “make everything the this color!” not to say a prevailing color would be bad. Could even be something that doesn’t appear unless players do something big (such as abusing The Demanding)

Also some wandering bosses would be cool, heck even The Demanding I linked to before is a good idea of one.


The biome could be similar to the idea of Hazy Hollow. Man do I love Hazy Hollow.

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I see the Hazy Hollows as more of mystical forest with hog than the overused spooky forest.

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