Persistent, Diverse and Tracked Creatures

I thought up this idea when disusing with @Zebulaun on this post.

This is actually a few ideas that relate to each other which all of different levels of depth that get more complex but would be harder to implement and, most likely, more demanding from the server.

The persistency of creatures involves things such as the creatures only being removed from the game by death, having a non-static ecosystem where a lot of one creature dying actually effecting their numbers and a similar case if the predators of one creature down down in number. A more extreme version of persistency would be monsters being created instead of spawned, such as spriggulls having nests with that they incubate eggs in (again, the extreme version of this part of the idea. An even more extreme version is having something like this for even the creatures in the caves like wyrms.

Diversity would be a bit less complicated but still can be in the more extreme versions. This also needs a bit of persistency to work. The main idea would be to have creatures would have variations in their feathers for spriggulls and different wood types for Goteras. More advanced version of this would be having creatures with fur coats (for future creatures) have unique pasterns. One of the most extreme versions of this would be creatures having their own personal likes.

Lastly there is tracking which might be one of the biggest ideas to tackle. This would have creatures path around different areas on the map, with it being calculated as points (for the creatures) going from areas that they know to other areas such as a home (such as a nest or similar) and grazing areas (if they graze). More advanced version of this could have creatures encountering other ones and possibility getting into fights with them and even avoiding areas where they have been in conflict.

Here are some polls.

What do you think about percistancy?

  • None.
  • Just a bit. (Have them only be removed from killing them)
  • Even more. (A lot of one kind of creatures would mess with the ecosystem.)
  • A lot. (They created by normal means instead of just respawning)
  • Don’t care.

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What do you think about diversity?

  • None.
  • Just a bit. (a few variations for most creatures)
  • Even more. (Game creates a seed for a pattern for each creature that would have a pattern)
  • A lot. (They could even have preferences in food)
  • Don’t care.

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How about Tracking?

  • None.
  • Just a bit. (Creatures would follow simple paths from a few points)
  • Even more. (They could get in encounters with other creatures)
  • A lot. (I don’t know, migration?)
  • Don’t care.

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If I wasn’t clear enough or you wanted to add something, feel free ask or add in a reply!

I like this idea because it adds a lot more depth to the features other than “thing come from ground, thing dies, more things come”

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I think what makes me want this so much is from a love of dwarf fortress, how every animal monster and person in the worlds you generate have done their own things and how your actions influence that ecosystem in both expected and unexpected ways.

Also the fact that it generates a entire world with a life time of history for every world you want to make is so cool too.