Personal Crafting Bench and Carpentry Station? (housing)

I have not seen anything along the lines of personal crafting or carpentry stations in the housing, and if there aren’t any planned, I suggest them.

The core concept would simply be having personal crafting and carpentry stations able to be built in a house, using certain blueprints, that could be found in a public blueprint locker somewhere in the town, where any found housing blueprints could be kept. I’m not sure if this is something that is already planned and I just can’t find it, but either way I’m posting this because I want to see it happen.

My personal twist would be a MINI FORGE, that is able to be crafted from rock, coal, and iron, that you are able to put inside of your house. I think this would be an AMAZING thing as I would love to put my house somewhere relatively remote and just live off of my own resources. It would be amazing to be able to place a house somewhere in the grasslands near the tower path, and to just go up and kill turbadas occasionally for copper and gold, to get home and forge, craft, and store my creations all in my small home.

These have been suggested a couple of times, and the general consensus has been no. The reason is because the crafting stations and especially the forge end up being hotspots of community activity. Maybe this could be a viable idea if the mini forge took a much longer time to cook materials that way a mini forge could be a good thing to just smelt a massive amount of ore while you’re doing something else, but for dedicated smithing, the community forge is superior.