Personal Maps by using the B button

Having a map on your character at all times showing where you are and the areas you have unlocked on the in game map boards.

Core concept
Having this as an option will help new players and experienced players always know exactly where they are and how to find others while playing. A good place to have this option(on the quest) would be by pressing the “B” button, the same way as you leave a server.

Personal twist
Being able to hear all players in your personal server at all times (since there’s only allowed 8 currently, I don’t see an issue with it. Sometimes while playing, someone will wander a bit too far and we lose all connection of sound and have no way of knowing how to find each other. Would also be helpful knowing if someone is still in the game, or has left the server.

I think it’s always better for township tale to have crafting and professions instead of something so simple as pressing B to see where you are. I made an idea about proper cartography and map crafting here.

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Map crafting to them be able to use the map wherever would be really cool!