Personal portable Cookers

A personal portable cooker you can take with you

(a portable cooker)
You can carry it around with two hands, or put it in your bag, it is powered by coal/sticks/wood wedges. You put raw something as the input and it will slowly cook things while in your backpack, but at a slow rate (like one piece of food every 45 seconds, or four pieces of pumpkin every minute because pumpkin is smaller) I think this could greatly improve the overall cooking aspect of the game.

Not sure about cooking while on the move … that seems a little unusual. But a little rustic portable camping stove with little collapsable legs could be a nice addition. (This MUST have already been discussed though, surely?)


No, this would not, it would actively make it worse, as cooking would have even less to it if you can just set it in your bag and forget it, cooking is about patience and knowing when to something is cooked (though chest cooking has kind of ruined that part and made it really easy to cook stuff.

If you really can’t be bothered to use the already brokenly fast and easy method of chest cooking then sell your raw meat and buy the cooked stuff, not suggest an arguably just as broken idea as the exploit in the game.

That would be pretty cool, it might have slots for fuel (or a secure area for it) so it’s easier to pick up the food after it’s cooked without messing with the fuel.

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Well you can carry a flashlight and a cauldron with you.

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