Pets and a couple other ideas

A Pet system, and a housing and storage idea.

It’d be awesome to be able to have pets for different purposes. I’ll make a list of some of my ideas for these.
-Cosmetic Pets: These would be smaller pets that would follow you around and are for pure looks.

-Functional Pets: These could be for a range of different things like Combat, Harvesting, Foraging, maybe even a personal smelter if it was a fire breather or elemental.

-Mounts: Just simply better means of travel. Some could be basic and simply faster than on foot, some could climb certain surfaces, maybe even some flying mounts.

Having pets could also open up a skill tree for Breeding and Animal Companionship

Player Home and Storage:
It would be great to have a player home with a small piece of land to be able to build and farm on as well as open up more storage options. The starting area in the game where you choose a server would be perfect! You could access it through the portal where you can change your appearance. Could also open up the possibility for cross server storage so you could bring your gear to other servers and grow your friend list and have an opportunity to mine or go to areas that are usually pretty wiped out from other players. I would definitely limit it to official servers only so there’s no abuse with the system. The ability to store backpacks would be great too so you could load up different packs for different needs and grab and go.

Overall I absolutely love the game and can’t wait to see what direction it goes!

Pets have been suggested many times, and House Building is being worked on right now.


This madlad wants it done NOW

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Don’t we all :pensive:


Fyre already mentioned how this has already been suggested (searching “pet” results in 26 results as of right now) COUGH COUGH in fact I’ve even gone in depth on the idea COUGH COUGH

Now that is out of the way, I’ve got beef.

Got beef with this…

This would take away from the game world when you have non existent things like this that might as well be holograms or ghosts, it’s so much more interesting to make all pets have impact inside the game world.

Even if they don’t give you a benefit for having it, they should still need to eat and be protected, how do you get attached to a pet if all it does is stand a few feet from you constantly contributing nothing and taking nothing? Would you even be attached to your pet (if you have one in real life) if it was basically just a hologram that acts like a pet?

On top of that if you muddle the lines between mounts pets and familiars you have something interesting where most games have something boring, you could chance upon some egg for a dragon like creature, take time to hatch it, raise the hatchling and feed it while it’s weak and useless, fight with it like a true companion when it grows some and RIDE IT INTO THE SUNSET AFTER THE MANY NIGHTS OF HELPING IT TO GROW INTO WHAT IT IS TODAY!

I might have gone on a little bit of rant, but I’d just rather have a pet that I can grow with than one that just stares blankly into my soul.