Pets Update Concept Art/Idea

So basically the addition of pets, these can be Tameable, Purchased with Talems or Unlockable

Core concept
Taming: do the correct steps with the required food items or objects and unlock the mascot.

Talem Based: Purchase them in the cosmetic store, these got no op or extra benefit whatsoever, its just for vanity purposes.

Unlockable: After doing something very specific or doing a lot of something for example, killing gotera or chopping # ammount of wood, you get a pet

Personal twist
I drew these mascot designs, very basic, im not really creative tbh
(if you guys wondering why the leafy gotera got water on em its because Gotera in spanish is Leakage)

feel free to destroy me on the replies or add something interesting to the idea :slight_smile: !
also devs please add #pets tag ty

I’d rather not see pets be cosmetics, also not unlockable in the sense that its like a quest (kill x amount of y). Perhaps instead, to get the gotera pet, you have to fight lots of gotera and rarely, one will drop a seed, which you can plant, and a little gotera (looks exactly like gotera but is green and not woody because it’s a sprout) grows out of it. If it were like that, it’s kind of unlockable because most people will have to kill lots of gotera before getting a seed. Also, all smeechees should be tamable using dry grass (mushrooms consume dead plant matter). They can’t attack, but they can secrete fungus when fed, this fungus can be used in alchemy/potion making (each smeechee secretes a different type of fungus, some used to make cures for poison, some used to make poison, etc). Also, all small pets can be placed on a player’s shoulder and tamed smeechees can not be eaten unless cooked first (to show that the player wishes to eat it).


that is way more fair and i find it way smarter than my version ty!

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