Physics based grappling hook

Literally what the title is.

The main reason I’m suggesting this is it would be a cool way to explore dungeons when they get added, or maybe be used to get to hard to reach places in a updated version of the mines with lava pits ravines etc.
I mean it would be pretty cool to swing over a lit of lava while running from a army of mythril tubbies. (Yes I know tubbies sounds cringe but I always forget the name of everything but schmee and wyrms)

Sounds like a real good way to get motion sickness, make sure to have alternative routes so people dont have to use it if it gets em sick.

For real tho as impractical and a bit cliche as this is i want it so bad now, even if it were a straight up hookshot it would still be awesome

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Was thinking the same thing with the motion sickness, and just teleporting them over would be even worse than teleporting loc in terms of fun and fairness. Since the place you are going with the hook shot is mostly predetermined, maybe it could reduce the FoV and add blur to the point where you might not see so well, but you aren’t blind.

Also if the weak make too many things not viable like mounts and hand gliders we might have to purge them, PURGE THE WEAK!

I wonder how many people deal with motion sickness and how many of those can develop a tolerance, it might be interesting to see if enough playing would result in a tolerance. I know it’s common for people to “get their VR legs” so it might be interesting to know if we can worry less about this in late game.

Gonna make a post with polls for people to vote on later.


Agreed. I think most motion sickness and VR nausea can be overcome simply by enough exposure. I was very prone to it for the first month after buying my VR, but now I’m 99% immune to it. I assume it’s a similar case for most other people? In my experience, as long as you’re in control of the motion, it’s not so bad. So if you’re the one controlling the glider, or initiating the swing on a rope. Same thing as people getting car sick when someone else drives, but fine when they drive for themselves.
Alternatively, yes, purge the weak :slight_smile:

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Maybe an out body experience like method for swing if player who turned this comfort mode on,
So when your character started to swing, your player vision only catch up to your character location once a second, it will feel similar to TP locomotion, which your character will keep swinging but players vision will be catching it as snap vision every second.

I don’t know about that, the whole part where we are taking the player out of the body seems like it would just be too weird. I mean I could be wrong, but hopefully there is a better way.

Perhaps for the weak when you grapple you would be teleported to the bottom of the rope hanging straight down then you can aim your teleport to anywhere you would be able to reach via non-teleporting (not as fun but thats what you get for being WEAK)

Every second might make it a bit jarring and possibly also more sickening than just having it as normal. Why not have it turn to 3rd person for the duration of the swing animation and snap straight back once the movement is complete. Just like assassination animations in Halo, for example. Doesn’t break immersion at all in my opinion, and can even be nice to watch, like brief little cinematic events.