Pirate Update!

A new horizon, filled with new places, animals, monsters, jobs, and more! Instead of being a villager, choose to live the sea life! It’s a pirates life for me!

Core concept
A new continent/sea exploration update where one can be a pirate with a crew, sailing the seven seas with your friends! Find treasure, fish, and plunder. Maybe a kraken boss?

I’m completely aware this would be a giant project, but I was just listening to sea shanties and got the idea! I’d like to see how many people might be interested in such a thing, because I know I would!

I just came here to say ARR!


I absolutely love the idea of ships and sea exploration in ATT. I don’t think we should be able to get massive galleon style ships or anything like that, ship size should probably only go up to about the size of a brigantine or sloop (about half size of a galleon). I don’t think it should be thematic with pirates, instead being shown as the townies expanding to new horizons, in search of adventure (I wouldn’t object to some awesome pirate cosmetics, though). I would also like to point out that we have got a few ideas over the years about a similar concept (here and here), you should definitely read them, because they might give you some ideas that you can add on to this one (although the second may be a bit outdated). One last thing, I would like to point out how well ocean exploration would synergize with cartography, being able to map out the oceans and such.