Plant Sleep Cycle

Like Spriggulls, plants could sleep. This could allow for multiple variations of plants for recipes.

Core concept
Plants sleep! It would add additional depth to the day/night cycle, and when you collect SOME plants at night versus the day they would be distinctly different and useful in different recipes. The visual aspect would be exactly as the GIF describes. Plants could have 2-4 phases throughout the day, Day, Night, Dawn, and Dusk. Or perhaps just Day and Night depending upon the depth desired of the system.

I’m not sure about doing this for all plants, but perhaps when alchemy comes out, there could be certain herbs that only come out at one part of the day.


I like what @Zebulaun suggested, having herbs that are only pick-able at certain times seems better than having dusk, dawn, night and day possible variants of plants that for some reason have different components for alchemy, unless the herb/flower is doing something wacky (maybe it glows at night, could be a chemical reaction)

I do think just having the sleep cycle for some plants without changing what potions they can make would still be good though, would be cool to go out early in the day and see some flowers that close up during the day to open up.


Night and day states would be amazing. and assuming the transition isn’t instant and takes even just 20 to 30 minutes, there you’d have your intermediate stages (kinda, but good enough while keeping it simplified).
This would make a lot of sense for alchemy, as Zeb said, as you could have plants with better nutrients in their leaves and flowers during the day, and in their roots at night. Making them more potent (or ONLY viable) if picked at the correct time of day.
Not 100% accurate to real-world plants, but as a game mechanic it could be wonderful!
And just the aesthetic of flowers slowly opening and closing as the sun rises and sets, would be undeniably amazing. Along with some nocturnal flowers that could attract little glowing bugs that only appear at night.


If it is nutrient that it has gathered, it would be more focused between dawn and dusk, since right after the day is over it’d have as much as it can store to last the night, while at dawn it would have the least out of any time in the day.


What if you had extremely rare plants that withered when exposed to sunlight?


Don’t put them in your belt during the day or they die?

Don’t ever take them into sunlight. They’re only safe in the shade (your house or bag).
Would make houses that much more valuable and make those flowers more of a rarity.


Interesting, would those plants be found in a very densely shaded forest floor or maybe in the entrances to caves? Maybe even farther underground.

There could also be some kind of inverse to that, maybe a plant that withers after a full night worth of time, the reason being that these plants can just barely survive through the night, which would also give it a cool reason to have it only grow high up like near the top of mountains and on specific strips of the side of mountains that can see the sunset and sunrise, since that would be a place hat gets the most amount of sun. Another aspect is having it last longer the later into the day you pick it, so if you pick one at night you’re assured it will wither soon, while the closer to sunset you pick it, the longer it will stay fresh (which would ironically mean you have about until sunrise to use it.)

A simpler plant would just be one that needs very nutrient rich soil and that withers after being picked for too long.

Though both of those basically imply that the plant doesn’t die after being picked and withers once it dies, which might give reason for a method to break those plants down into smaller parts to make sure it doesn’t wither, but it would require some skill not to ruin the plant?