Platform Availability

So i just got a brand new Oculus Quest and i was looking for a game to play, then i came across A Township Tale. Sounded fun and cool until i learned that it was available on the Oculus Quest…

So i was hoping that it could end up being available on the oculus quest! It would get a bunch of more players and then more ideas making the game work better and grow! Agree with me or not i think its a good idea :smiley:

There are no plans, we are just focused on making the best experience possible on PCVR and will re-evaluate as soon as we achieve that. If you would like to accelerate the timeline, tweet at @Jason_Rubin or vote on Oculus Forums to bring A Township Tale to Quest.

If you have a Quest, and you’re daring, you might try RiftCat or ALVR to wireless-stream ATT from PC to your Quest.

This is just copy pasted from the ATT trello FAQ. Here is the link if you want it

I don’t want to explain why quest is a bad idea so go here for the reasons and read my reply to that topic.